WoW Mage Macro – Two Macros To Make Things Easier For You

The Mage is a very important class to play in World of Warcraft. Not only do they deal a lot of damage, but they also support with food and water and even beneficial spells.

WoW Paladin Macro – Useful Paladin Macros That Are Easy To Make

The Paladin, like any other class in WoW, has a lot of spells and skills he can use. When playing, you might also have to use consumables or even change weapons.

WoW Levelling Tips On User Guides For In-Game Versions and PDF Guides

For years there have been two kinds of in-game guides and of course the PDF version that required the user to switch back and fourth from game to PDF guide. The in-game user guides worked better as the user got his/her information right on the game screen.

WoW Paladin Macros – How To Be Better At Playing The Paladin

Since World of Warcraft has had a lot of expansions, each of them with a new level cap, there are a lot of abilities a class has. The Paladin is no exception.

Plane Games

Plane games are some of the most fun games you could ever play. They can take you to a completely different world that you could never normally go to. In my opinion, there is nothing better than just flying around, looking down at the landscape, buildings, trees and all the other things. Not to mention these plane games can even help train you to be a pilot. Most real pilots have to do hours and hours of flight simulation before they can even set inside of the plane. These plane games can also come while lifelike joysticks, that really make you think you’re flying.

Plane Simulator

For a long time Microsoft has been the king of plane simulator games but it seems now that they don’t much effort into their simulator games anymore. When I first started playing plane simulator games. I started out with some of Microsoft’s simulators. I even had the little joystick that made you actually feel like you’re in the plane flying. I don’t know if there is just too much cough session for Microsoft stay in the plane simulator game, where they just don’t care anymore, but there are a lot of other simulators that are way better than Microsoft.

Useful WoW Macros – The Pro Way To Play The Game

In order to be good at World of Warcraft today, you need to be fast. And when I say fast, I mean really fast. Players now play at a whole new level. They make the most of every second and make sure they get even the slightest advantage over their opponents.

5 Reasons to Use a Macro WoW Addon

A macro WoW addon can be a very powerful tool that will boost up your skills in PvP and PvE. If you haven’t seen such an addon yet, it’s time to look for one. Here are 5 reasons to use a WoW macro and keybinding addon.

Abilities That You Should NOT Use Into Your WoW Macro

Are you aware that it’s not possible to play your character effectively without at least one WoW macro? However, many players over do it and use too many, unnecessary macros, combining abilities that they shouldn’t. Therefore, in this article, I will focus on a few things that you mustn’t macro, if you want to play your character properly. So, these are some of the “things” you shouldn’t use in your WoW macro.

WoW Macros That Allow You to Play Your Class at Maximum Potential

Have you ever been in a situation where other players, way undergeared compared to you, did more DPS or kicked your butt in a duel? “It’s skillz that killz!” they say, but that not 100% true. You can’t possibly develop great skills at playing World of Warcraft without WoW macros. So, are you ready to improve your gameplay? Then read this!

Tetris Games – Enhance Your Mind By Playing

Tetris games are oftentimes viewed as being simplistic diversions for children. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is certainly true that you can have a lot of fun playing Tetris, very few people realize that you can actually enhance the functionality of your mind by playing this particular game. Now, at this point you might be asking yourself how this is possible. It almost sounds as if though somebody is inventing this to try to get you to play Tetris more often.

Doraemon Games

There are many people who really love Doraemon games. From a design and development sampling we are talking about games that do not necessarily require extensive usage of a computer central processing unit. The reason why is because a lot of the graphics rendering is done via hardware-based graphics accelerator that now come standard with most computer monitors.

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