what it feels like to LOSE a SHINY Pokémon

Mafia Wars – Become the Godfather With a Good Mafia Wars Guide

Mafia Wars is a very popular game for the social networking audience. If you’ve played it you know how hard it can be. With that in mind, maybe a good Mafia Wars strategy guide might help.

World of Warcraft Questing Help – The Importance of Power Leveling Guides

WoW players sometimes find that they need help with quests. If you ever play, you’ve undoubtedly come across some problems before. You’ve probably been lost a time or two, and you know that simply looking at tips isn’t always enough. Read on to find out how a good World of Warcraft guide can help you!

WoW Fishing – An Extravagant Profession

Together with cooking and first aid, fishing is a secondary profession in WoW and is said to be a hard one to level up. Until the BC expansion, there weren’t many players who thought of fishing as useful. Together with the expansion in cooking which brought us many new food recipes useful for raids, fishing finally became more wanted and valued as a secondary profession.

Make WoW Gold – Simple and Easy Methods!

Having a steady income of gold is the most basic way to maximize the enjoyment you get from playing World of Warcraft. You need gold to buy powerful epic weapons, full sets of epic armor and of course awesome looking epic mounts and flying mounts!

Mafia Wars Guide – Annihilate Your Competition With Guides!

Mafia Wars can be an extremely difficult and frustrating game to play if you are trying to learn it completely by yourself. Sure, some players do everything by themselves, but many more research strategies for this game on the internet and eventually get their hands on complete guides.

Facebook Mafia Wars Tips – Obliterate Your Competition!

Are you looking for the best ways to level quickly and easily in Mafia Wars so you can start building a mega-mafia? If you are, then take a look at the following tips, which will help you get to the high levels faster than your friends and enemies, and you will quickly become the top dog in Mafia Wars.

Winning at Texas Hold’em Poker – Selecting the Right Opponents

Since the object of poker, in this case the Texas Hold’em poker game, is to win money by picking up as much money pots as possible (well, you mostly aim to win big pots, but anyways), it is always a good poker strategy to play against weaker opponents than you by selecting the right live or online poker tables. Ok, so how do you find such opponents or tables one would ask?

Wizard 101 – Djal and His Guards

My son asked me the other day for help with a boss. “I know you’ve cleared all of Krokotopia solo…but I can’t beat this guy because he has 3 guards with him and it’s one vs. four.” I knew exactly what he was talking about, because, like him, I didn’t read the quest instructions clearly the first time.

How Can Using a Shaman Leveling Guide Help You Become a Better World of Warcraft Player?

According to the shaman leveling guide the shaman are able to deal out damage, heal and tank, but since the talents are varied they have no specialization to speak of. If you use Alliance then Dranenei is the only race that can become a shaman, using Horde you do have more choices but the recommendations are the Tauren or the Orc.

Find Out Exactly What a Horde Leveling Guide Can Do to Improve Your WoW Experience

The World of Warcraft (WoW) game has certainly surpassed most everyone’s expectation and has become one of the biggest of the gaming franchises around. However, it can be a little difficult to learn and get started and even experienced players may have trouble with the leveling up process. A good horde leveling guide may be just what you need if you want to cut down on your leveling up speed.

Completing Quests Will Help You in WoW Level Up Much Quicker

Welcome to World of Warcraft, or WoW, as it is also called; for those of you that is not that familiar with the game it is an online game that is massively multi-player. It allows literally thousands of online players to come together and do battle against each other in this world.

Choosing the Right Alliance Level Guide Will Improve Your Leveling Rate on WoW

World of Warcraft is a game that is so rich in content that it can be difficult to navigate it without any help, which is one reason that so many people decide to use an alliance level guide. There are some things that you should look for when you are deciding on which alliance level guide will suit your purposes the best.

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