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Max Out Your Gold LEGALLY

WoW Gold? Sure, we all want it. We want a lot of it, so we can buy all those pieces of shiny armor we see on the Auction House for ridiculous prices we cannot afford. We want WoW Gold for our potions, for our mounts, to skill up our professions… the truth is, no mater which direction we turn, we realize we do need WoW gold for to play and enjoy the game to its best.

Awesome, Cheap Gear For Low Level Rogues

It should not come as a surprise when we say it that the best items for a World of Warcraft Rogue you can get at a lower level are items that drop in dungeons. Dungeons always have improved loot quality as they are not soloable. Additionally, the bosses have a loot table which normally consists of several items, so it might take a few runs before you get the item you want. The two instances you will want to visit most often at low level 20 are The Deadmines and The Wailing Caverns.

The 4 Best Pieces Your Resto Druid MUST Own

To begin with, you will most likely have access to all heroic dungeons at the start, at least until you get some decent pieces and can start joining Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel raids. Your main goal will be to collect enough Emblems of Triumph so you can buy everything you can, as well as complete the daily heroic and weekly heroic quests regularly and collect Emblems of Frost for even better gear.

Mafia Wars Blueprint Review – Does it Really Work?

Does Mafia Wars Blueprint really work as it is supposed to? Check out this review and find out!

World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Guide

Rogues when leveled up can be almost unbeatable. That alone is a good reason for leveling up a Rogue character.

Cafe World Guide – Strategies For Earning Cafe Currency Fast

Learn the difference between Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash and the various ways you can earn both. See some of the strategies that will have you earning currency efficiently and faster than the normal everyday player. Dominate the game with these simple but effective tips.

Urban Rivals Guide and Tips

Urban Rivals is a massively-multiplayer online (MMO) browser-based card game, similar to traditional trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings. Your goal in Urban Rivals is to collect as many cards as you can, and use them to defeat your opponents.

World of Warcraft – How to Obtain a Mount to Gain Speed and Great Looks in WoW

If you have started playing World of Warcraft, you’ll know that it takes time (and can be rather boring) when you have to cross large distances, because you are forced to run on foot. In this article, we’ll have a look at how a mount can enable you to move faster; what conditions you have to apply to in order to obtain a mount, and how you can get mounts from other races as well.

Making Gold With Jewelcrafting and Mining

Having mining and jewelcrafting together will further emphasis your ability to make lots of gold with your professions. While you can easily have one or the other to make gold it’s really convenient to have both.

What is Toughness? WoW Mining Information

In patch 3.0.2 there were several special attributes added to the gathering skills to make them even more desirable to have, besides the fact that they are excellent ways to farm for gold. Herbalism received the Lifeblood heal over time ability which allows herbalists cast a very small heal over time for themselves. Skinning received the Master of Anatomy passive trait which provides skinners with increased critical strike rating.

How to Increase Your Mining Skill – Mining Skill Enhancements

Oftentimes there are a few places while leveling mining where the last few skills required to mine a certain ore in an area get annoying. Not so much anymore after a recent patch that changed some of the minimum requirements on some of these ores, but still annoying.

Smelting Your Way to 450 Mining – WoW Mining Tips

If you are thinking of leveling your mining up with your high level character be sure to consider smelting much of your way to 450. While mining is a great skill to have leveling it up can take a long time and if you aren’t casually leveling it up while you are leveling your character up it can turn into a tiresome burden as you run through low level zones searching for ore.

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