Nine Ways to Use Cataclysm’s New Stats to Your Advantage

As you might have read or heard, some of the statistics in World of Warcraft are about to get a major revamp with the Cataclysm expansion. Some statistics are being removed from items, other statistics are being removed from the game all together, new statistics are being added and the rest are undergoing changes. Here is a short description of what was available on the official forums about the changes.

Major Cataclysm Changes – Will Your Stats Get Left Behind?

With the information released at last year’s BlizzCon it became known to fans of World of Warcraft that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will bring major changes to the statistics. Developers said that the main reason to go for such large scale game mechanics change is the fact that currently, some of the statistics are difficult to understand by large amounts of players and as a result, players may have difficulty making gear choices.

Major Patch 3.3.3 Changes – New Flying Mounts

As the data for Patch 3.3.3. is already downloading through the Blizzard Downloader, people are starting to wonder what the changes will be, as no major content is announced at this point with Ruby Sanctum scheduled for release in Patch 3.3.5. The answer is – some quite noticeable adjustments to glyphs, frame rates, skills and abilities, item changes, new vendors, removed cool downs on some abilities and… NEW MOUNTS!

Major Cataclysm Changes – Take Control of Your Talent Tree

There are several posts on the official forums from the World of Warcraft community members regarding some of the planned upcoming changes and everyone is very curious to read and learn something more about what to expect from the game in the next expansion. One of the interesting subjects mentioned later, is the changes to the statistic system as well as introduction to the mastery system. The idea behind these planned changes is to make the understanding of what the statistic means easier, to provide the players with the option to slightly adjust the specific statistic of an item in…

Are You Ready For the Ruby Sanctum?

Blizzard Entertainment keeps working on new and exciting instances for us to visit. The Ruby Sanctum seems to be the next raid instance content that players of World of Warcraft will have the chance to visit and enjoy.

Use the Random Dungeon Tool to Make Gold Fast

In the latest content patch, Blizzard Entertainment gave the players a new nifty tool – the Random Dungeon cross-realm queue. Why do I say it is nice? Well, there are actually several things I find useful about this new tool and its gold making opportunities.

How to Turn Questing Into Gold Mining

As soon as you make your level 1 World of Warcraft character and start completing quests and killing monsters, you will notice that you are getting rewarded with a few copper coins or items to sell. Later on you will get silver and eventually – gold.

The 5 Best Ways to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

Everyone who plays World of Warcraft knows that we have to pay with in-game currency called gold for pretty much everything. Because of the constant need for in-game currency it does not come as a surprise that every player would like to have as much of it as possible without having to spend way too much time on getting gold pieces.

Zygor Leveling In-Game Guide Review

Zygor in-game guide is possible the best example of how this should be done. It has received many positive reviews from gamers all around the world. The great thing about this guide is that, Zygor really put a lot of effort into making the best possible playing experience there can possible be, eliminating any frustrations you may encounter while leveling in WoW.

Live Dealer Baccarat – For the Most Delightful Experience of Invigorating Game of Baccarat

Baccarat has emerged as a live (online) favourite, available at most online casinos that have live dealers. Beyond your standard Player, Banker, Tie bets, there are a host of side bet options depending on the casino and platform you choose to play at. And then of course there’s a very different game presentation. Console features, video quality and the ambience of the dealer room and dealers conducting the game all make for varying live baccarat play.

Best Shaman Race – A Breakdown by Purpose

So you want to make sure your new shaman has the best racials for your endgame goals, but aren’t sure which ones those are? We’ll discuss the various roles you might want to fill, and which race is the best shaman race for these different roles.

WOW Leveling Guide – Is it Useful For Level 1 to 40?

When first starting out in WoW you may be wondering what exactly the point of the game is. In these beginning levels, you’ll find that most of your fun comes from the instant gratification of killing monsters, completing quests, and of course – leveling up.

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