Paladin Guide For People Who Are New to Paladins

This is a basic Paladin guide that covers information needed by newbies to Paladins. It details the abilities of the Paladins as a class along with their weaknesses and strengths, the advantages and drawbacks of using them along other relevant information.

Mage Talents – What Each Talent Tree Can Dish Out

Being a Mage requires you to follow any of the three major talent trees of the class – Fire, Frost and Arcane. Any of these talent trees contain individual Mage talents that can neutralize as well as obliterate any number of enemies using AoE spells and burst damage. Mages also specialize in crowd control, damage dealing, spell stealing, counter spelling, and curse removal via the various advanced talents at the higher tiers of any of the class’s talent trees.

What Are the Warlock Builds?

Once Mages, the Warlocks have delved deep into demonic powers, them and turning them into a class that mainly draws its powers from the dark arts. They are among the most versatile, not to mention, the most original classes in WoW, capable of filling a variety of roles that other classes can’t even start dreaming about. Their wide range of talents allow them to cast curses, powerful DoT spells, use demons or pets and other trademark Warlock builds.

Gold Farming – Generating Gold Income

Gold farming in WoW is somewhat simple, in principle. You only need to run around, kill enemies, loot them, and sell your looted items. What’s difficult is finding the time for all these – from going to the area where the enemies are thickest or where your quest or adventure is leading you, to actually looting your enemies and selling these at the Auction House.

Choosing the Best Paladin PvP For You

As the bearer of the Holy Light – the Paladin – you get to choose between three different specs – Holy, Protection and Retribution. Although most Paladins end up rolling the Retribution way, the best Paladin PvP doesn’t rely solely on what abilities and talents the specs could present.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy Basics – Overview of the Zerg Race

If you’re brand new to Starcraft 2, the Zerg is one of three playable races in the game. They are an alien race that uses “evolution” to create new units and defeat their enemies. They’re main structure is a Hatchery where all their units are created.

Top 3 Tips For Getting Started in Starcraft 2

Many have succeeded at getting started with Starcraft 2 and some failed. The differences between success and failure can often be found in the way the person is executing it and approaches the challenge.

Top 7 Tips For StarCraft 2 Strategies

Whenever you have a track to run on, guidelines and pointers on how to do something, it always makes any task easier. Also, using this help you are more liable to become successful with it. That is as true for StarCraft 2 strategies as it is for most other things.

Ultimate WoW Guide – How it Can Help You Win

Knowing how you can level up fast and easy in the World of war craft game is not so difficult if you will make sure you are armed with the Ultimate Wow Guide. The said guide will steer your direction to winning the game in just five to six days, unlike those who play the World of war craft without a guide and find themselves repeating the same level every now and then.

Starcraft 2 Terran Nuke Strategy – The Medivac & Ghost Distraction Launch

Nukes in Starcraft 2 are definitely one of the coolest and underused Terran abilities in the game. This could be because of their high cost due to the tech it takes to get access to them. But if you’re looking to have some fun with your opponents, using these nuke strategies can be a great way to overwhelm them. Hearing “Nuclear Launch Detected” is a terrible thing to hear in the midst of a heated battle.

WoW Profession Guide – What’s the Best Profession For a Warrior?

Warriors, well-known as the primary tanks in any raiding team, can be a surprisingly good DPS class. Because all Warriors switch to plate armor at level 40, almost any WoW profession guide will recommend mining and blacksmithing as an ideal profession choice.

Online Tower Defense – Play Tower Defense

Online Tower Defense is a niche that has become very popular recently. Many computers with the flash plug in installed are easily invited into the gaming genre.

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