WoW Professions: Add Depth and Earning Potential

Choosing your character’s professions in WoW can be a personal choice. Not only do some classes have obvious profession pairings, it is also beneficial to consider the earning potential for your primary and secondary professions.

WoW Racials: Choosing The Race That Suits You

Choosing your race is a personal expression that adds depth and interest to your WoW character. Each race has added bonuses that could affect your play style. Choosing the race that suits you and your play style can make your character more rewarding to play.

Find the Best Place to Farm Gold and Enjoy the Game to Your Heart’s Delight

There are many places to farm for gold on World of Warcraft and if you know the best place to farm gold it will be possible to increase your gold stocks. Here find some of the spots where you can get all the gold you want.

The Best Way To Farm Gold In WoW: Reap A Harvest Without Breaking Your Back

Gold farming is a World of Warcraft term for harvesting gold on the game. There are a number of ways of doing this, but the best way is to use instances. This is a great way of collecting goods at each stage, and also of partnering with more experienced players at higher levels. These can lead you through the sometimes challenging maze of dungeons, helping you complete and keep all the goods. Tact and partnerships are essential when using these methods, so use them wisely.

Starcraft 2 Protoss Introduction Guide

Let’s face it, in Starcraft 2 Protoss is one of the coolest looking and the most powerful race, there is! They’re extremely technologically advanced and they have the ability to use psionic powers, so who wouldn’t want to play them. Note: by the “most powerful”, I don’t actually mean that they are technically stronger than the Zerg and Terran in a real game, but according to the game lore provided by Blizzard, they are the most powerful specie in the game!

Black Ops Multiplayer Guide

When it comes to addicting action games, Call Of Duty series games are always the first choice. The Multiplayer mode of these games is where the real addiction lies. Call Of Duty Black Ops took the multiplayer fun to another level with the introduction of a whole new bunch of exciting features which Modern warfare (the previous game of the call of duty series) was not even…

Internet Gambling Has Its Share of Pros and Cons

Internet gambling is one of the most profitable industries of the current times. With popular games like online bingo, slots etc on offer, the number of sign-ups are on an upward curve. However, like everything else, this industry has its pros and cons too. Here, it pays to be alert as well as to be determined.

World of Warcraft – Alliance and Horde Leveling Guides

World of Warcraft (WoW) leveling guides are usually loaded with tons of applicable information that will help players achieve advancement and success they seek. These guides were formed to aid the player in quickly and efficiently achieving quest success without the stopping and starting or grinding that wastes a lot of time finding how to level up.

Tips to Level Fast in World of Warcraft

Tips on Leveling in World of Warcraft For all the beginners and advanced players, here are some tips that will dramatically increase your leveling speed in World of Warcraft: Minimize downtime This is the most obvious yet the hardest factor to keep for many players. Downtime in leveling comes in variety of forms including time taken to loot, waiting for dungeon queues, traveling between quests and major cities etc. To level fast, however, you must keep your focus and constantly remind yourself of the goal.

Basic Guidelines for Playing Triple Triad

Triple Triad is the challenging card game from the hit PlayStation game, Final Fantasy 8. In the game, you will play with specially designed cards bearing representations of enemies, bosses and other hero and support characters. This card game from Final Fantasy 8 gives you an opportunity to collect special cards through the killing of monsters in the fields or playing NPCs throughout the world.

Overview of Collectible Card Games

A collectible card game (CCG) is a type of game in which players play with specially designed playing cards. Such games have been in existence for last few decades. In a collectible card game, the victory depends upon strategic game play and it is different from the traditional games of trading cards. Nowadays, several collectible card games are there that one can play over the Internet.

The Exciting World of Final Fantasy VIII

In 1997, Square-Enix began writing the next chapter of the extremely popular series, Final Fantasy. In 1999, Final Fantasy 8 debuted on the PlayStation Console with the price tag of approximately $50 (USD). A year later, Square-Enix released a PC version; however, the PC version did not account for the majority of their sales.

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