5 Advanced Mahjong Solitaire Strategies To Get An Edge On The Game

If you have noticed, most people prefer to play oriental games because of their elegant pieces, board and theme. They always bring a peculiar mood to the player, making us completely forget about our everyday work pressure or other things that haunted us for so long! Mahjong is one of the leading game titles that are considered as one of the best board games that are of oriental origin.

WoW Frost Mage Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

Leveling A frost mage in WoW can be some of the most fun you can have in World of Warcraft. This WoW frost mage leveling guide for cataclysm will focus on ways to level fast and survive.

Latest Games Give New Meaning to “Green Thumb”

Everyone is raving about several of the latest games in social media sites like Facebook that are farm-themed. However, not too many know of a better alternative. The “Hobby Farm” is an online game that features better graphics, few possibilities of computer glitches, more player interaction and no streaming required. Once downloaded, you can click on the shortcut on your desktop, and continue playing where you left off. Farming has never been made easier with the Hobby Farm.

Quick World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips

There is not much difference between having money in the real world and having money in World of Warcraft. Think about it, money allows you the freedom to pretty much do anything that you want. Making and having gold in World of Warcraft is no different. Here are a couple of tips that will boost your profits and make World of Warcraft more enjoyable by not having to worry about your gold income.

StarCraft 2 – Attack or Defend

SC2 owes its existence to many games that preceded it. The thing beginners often wrongfully assume is that defense and offense are equally important in SC2. The first thing to understand about SC2 is SC2 is an offensive game, you have one group of units, one force that will be both your attacking and your defending units, not two separate groups. Your next question probably is well what happens if I attack my opponent and my opponent attacks my main and I have nothing to defend with?

Micro And Macro Management in Starcraft 2

Micro and Macro are the cornerstones of success in Starcraft 2 and both fall under the umbrella of apm (actions per minute), high apm will usually equate to good micro and macro. Some however prefer to play one more than the other. Slayers_Boxer had legendary micromanagement but many of his critics noted his macro was actually quite average (in comparison to other pros of course), nevertheless he pulled off some of the most scintillating victories every witnessed in Starcraft.

Rift and Rememberance

There is a new obsession in the online gaming world and it goes by the name of Rift. I must admit that I am amazed at Rift and the Planes of Telara and the overwhelming popularity of this dazzling other-worldly experience that is brought to us by Trion.

Online Cricket Games

With the Ashes, the World Cup, and the exciting addition of twenty twenty cricket, the game and the worldwide support for the game has grown tremendously over the last decade. This has also lead to a huge increase in the support for cricket online. As before, football games and car games flooded the online scene, now cricket is getting in on the act, and is fast becoming one of the star players in the online gaming world, with a legion of followers, and developers mad to make their game, the best on the market.

Get More Neighbors And Dominate Cafe World

The main idea behind Cafe World, or any of the other Facebook games, is to keep you entertained while you’re making new friends. Which is why, in order to be advance through the different game levels, you always need to have plenty of neighbors.

DarkOrbit – A Simple Beginner’s Guide

DarkOrbit is a very popular MMO game with a cool space theme. It is a free to play game and is also a browser game (meaning there is no download required). Read on for a beginner’s guide on how to get the most out of your first time playing DarkOrbit.

Grubby’s Commentary: A Blast From the Past

Warcraft III’s finest player, Grubby, recollects upon some of his old matches and provides commentary. These matches provide a plethora of information that will step-up anyone’s game.

The Advantages of Entering Competitions Online

Competitions are a great way to win prizes without having to do too much work or spend any of your own money. It is not just money that you might be able to win through free online competitions; you can also win prizes like holidays, fast cars, weekend breaks for you and someone special, laptops and other electronics. There are lots offline competitions that you can try to enter. However, the bonus associated with online competitions is that they are easy and quick to enter. The other bonus is that entrants do not have to collect vouchers or other entitlements to enter. Everything is done through the internet, enabling you to join numerous competitions in a very short period of time, no wasting money on stamps either.

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