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Children and Game Ratings

Someone getting their arm brutally taken off with a chainsaw, a couple having sex in a hotel room, a monster’s face getting blown off with a shotgun, and rabid dogs eating a live man who was trying to flee for his life. You may be wondering what all of these things have in common and, for the concerned parent, that is things that you do not want your ten year old child witnessing. Just about everything around us is censored in some way or fashion.

Mining Leveling Guide

Want to know how to level up your mining fast for World of Warcraft? Then see this mining leveling guide for WoW and find out for yourself.

Starcraft 2 Thor-Terran Strategy Guide

The Starcraft 2 Thor is a brand-new powerhouse that is part of the Terran race in the sequel to the original Starcraft. Read on to discover how to use this unit to its full capacity to dominate your opponents in online play.

A Starcraft 2 Siege Tank Terran Strategy Guide

The Stacraft 2 Siege Tank is the defining unit in the Terran army. Read on to discover how to use this unit to have your opponents at your feet!

WoW Tips For Introducing a Friend to the Game

What makes MMOs so unique is the ability to play with other real human beings. You can work together to achieve goals and defeat the enemy team in player versus player. That is why so many gamers love to get their friends involved. However, this can be a challenging experience so make sure you know the best WoW tips to help a newcomer enjoy the game.

Paladin Leveling

If you are into the game, the World of Warcraft, then you might be into paladin leveling. Before one will go into paladin leveling, one should decide if it is the class that is right for you. It is a known fact that the paladin is not a high damage class. Its damage does not increase as fast as other classes. If your fighting style is about dealing damage, then this class is not for you.

Hunter Guide

Those who play the World of Warcraft are probably looking for a hunter guide. It is the type of game where you need to choose a class that fits your fighting style or strategy. There are many classes to choose from in the game but one can be proud in choosing the hunter. He has many skills under his belt to put any enemy at bay. Selecting the hunter class will not disappoint the avid gamer.

Death Knight Leveling Build

Want to be certain you’re using the best Death Knight leveling build on your journey to level eighty? Well, you’re in the right place. This guide will cover everything you need to know; what talents to take, when to take them, WHY to take them, and what Glyphs go best with them. We’ll be using an Unholy build; the other specs can’t compare for combined damage/utility/survivability.

Druid Leveling Build

Having trouble figuring out a good Druid leveling build? It can be a bit difficult at low levels, if for no other reason than because druid isn’t very good at low levels; don’t worry, though, as it eventually blooms into the single most versatile and consistently useful class in the game.

WoW Professions – Engineering and You

So you want to be an engineer. Go to college! If that’s not an option, I suppose you can still train it in WoW.

World of Warcraft Tactics to Get Through the Levels Fast!

World of Warcraft is by far one of the most challenging games around. Mastery requires plenty of strategy, time and patience to advance through the levels of the WoW universe. There are strategies that you can use to make it to the 80th level quickly, genuine time-saving tactics that will advance you quicker than you could without.

Want to Level Up in WoW Quicker? Get a Horde Leveling Guide

Overall, your horde leveling guide should have plenty of tactics and strategies to get you to the top quickly. If you want to increase in levels fast, then you should get a legitimate guide to help you. Otherwise, leveling can really be a challenge as you’ll likely make the same mistakes the guide creators have learned from.

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