Farming Trolls in the Grizzly Hills

I follow a few gold making blogs as a way of finding out new farming spots or gold making methods. Recently I noticed that more than one had suggested a place in Grizzly hills called Drakil’Jin Ruins. The argument behind it being a good farming spot is that the mobs are close together and have a quick respawn time whilst dropping lots of sacred mojo. So off I went to give it a try.

Are You a Ben 10 Fan? Kick Some Alien Butt in Ben 10 Alien Force Games

Ben 10 Games are based on an American animated television series about a hero named Ben who can change himself into various aliens in order to fight against evil. Ben 10 TV shows are widely popular with kids. Right off the bat, Ben 10 Games online has become an instant hit with kids. There are so many Ben 10 games released on the internet that will keep your children (or you) busy for hours!

Tetris – Online Style

Tetris is a block game which you can enjoy on hand held games, at the arcade or online in the comfort of your own home on your computer. Tetris was invented by Soviet mathematician Alexey Pajitnov in 1985 and over the years the game has developed more and become bigger with better sound effects, graphics and more challenging levels.The ability to be able to play this game online with the click of a mouse is the latest development of the game.

Will You Be an Online Addict For Solitaire Games?

Solitaire games are games you play on your own. You may have played some card games on your own called sevens, clock patience or a type of board game of solitaire with pegs slotted in a base, like you get in Chinese checkers. But with today’s age of the computer you can get many solitaire games online. Whats more, if you work in an office you can sneak a game or two in with no one knowing.

Dungeons and Dragons is For Losers

Dungeons and Dragons is an abomination. In both term and action it has choked the birth of emerging art forms, making it nearly impossible for interactive storytelling to move beyond its infancy into the realm of being a mature and accepted art form.

Fill in a Few Minutes With Free Online Games

Do you have a few minutes to burn before work, whilst tea is cooking or after your favourite evening television show? Then why not play a game or two on the computer- for free. It provides a great form of relaxation. But you will be wondering what games are out there.

Online Games That Shoot Your Socks Off

Yes, you are right. We are looking at online games in the realm of shooting. In today’s age of the computer these types of games make a great change from tthe outdoor, back yard, shoot a can off the block afternoon or shooting at a driving range which is only available in some areas or the shooting games at arcades which have realistic weapons, targets and crowds of people and experience.

2 Best Ninja Games

Everyone loves ninjas, and ninja games, but what are the best ninja games you can get? Read more here.

Is Your WoW Hacked?

Many people have been complaining about their WoW accounts being hacked. The problem mainly lies in the fact that hackers have been coming up with more and more cunning ways of hacking accounts.

Social Gaming is Hot!

Social gaming fires up as more and more people embrace its existence. Zynga and Playfish, which has been acquired by Electronic Arts, are among the top world’s leaders in the creation and development of social games.

Alliance Cooking Guide – Fishing For Raw Redgill

Most people find that it takes them several hours to farm the necessary materials to reach 300 following other guides, but my Alliance Cooking Guide will get you there in about 1 hour Fishing for Raw Redgill. This Alliance Cooking Guide will look at Fishing for Raw Redgill to level your cooking skill past the difficult 225-300 ranges.

Ninja Games Online – Shuriken Challenge

This ninja online game begins with a simple splash screen giving the player all the instructions he needs to begin the game. There are little to no instructions to learn, and no lengthy story line to follow.

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