A Simple WoW Rogue Macro Indispensable For Arena

This article reveals a very important macro that rogues must use in PvP. Without it, you have high chances to lose versus rogues and feral druids.

A WoW Mage Macro That Will Certainly Improve Your Gameplay

If you play a mage, you have to use at least one WoW mage macro. Without macros, you will simply suck, no matter how well equipped or trained your mage is. So, in this article, I’m gonna speak about a nice mage macro.

Easy Ways to Make Gold in World of Warcraft – Secrets to Skyrocket Your Gold Making in WoW!

There are so many different guides that all lay claim to teach you how to make gold in World of Warcraft and each of them has a completely different take on the subject. After years of play it seems like there are several ways to go about making gold, based on your character and of course your chosen professions. One thing that seems to remain a constant is that raw materials always command decent prices in the Auction House and with an expansion out these raw materials are in high demand.

Druid PvP Tips – Tips To Own With Your WoW Druid in PvP

It goes without saying that the Druid is the one class in World of Warcraft that has a wide variety of styles of play that can keep you thoroughly enjoying the game. Being able to switch back and forth at will, this ability is a great strength for a Druid and at the same time is its biggest failing. The Druid can be a Tank, a Healer and a Ranged DPS player no matter where they are in the game.

Discipline Priest PvP in Cataclysm – How To Dominate With Your Discipline Priest

As the changes for Cataclysm have already taken place you have by now respeced your Discipline Priest using the new talent trees and noticed that you have lost some abilities such as Power Infusion and gained others. The big question is whether or not your Discipline Priest is going to still hold his own in PvP. Unless you have already had a chance to do some serious PvP; the answers may still need to be decided when you get a chance to get into battle.

3 Reasons Why You Should Do Dungeon Quests in WoW Cataclysm

With the Cataclysm expansion, most World of Warcraft players has experienced Instance Leveling, probably because of the daily instance quest which gives you experience, gold, and a random item. But there’s more to it. Leveling by doing instances are an important of the game, and Dungeon Quests is an important experience of the overall leveling. Especially at the lower level instances.

Death Knight Raiding – How to Dominate Raids With Your WoW Death Knight

As most of you who are playing a Death Knight for raiding have noticed the major changes in the talent trees, the way your runes regenerate and your glyphs have affected everything you do. Blood spec has now been singled out as the main tanking spec for the Death Knight in PvE. The idea of having to sort through all of the different DPS specs to find one that actually worked well led to several problems that having a single tanking talent will eliminate

Cataclysm Battleground Changes – How Changes to the WoW Battleground System Will Affect You

From the first time Blizzard introduced battlegrounds for PvP action to the game; they have brought a new and fun dimension to the game. For many, the PvE side of the game is only there to level up with and reach the new battlegrounds, and make the gold needed to pay for new gear while waiting to earn the badges needed to buy the latest Tier gear. As with each previous expansion pack, there have been a few battleground changes in Cataclysm intended specifically to keep the fun rolling.

StarCraft 2 Strategy for Terran Vs Protoss – How To Use Terran to Demolish Your Protoss Enemies!

As a Terran player going up against a Protoss player, your StarCraft 2 game strategy is going to revolve around excellent micromanagement of your units. The Protoss player will have more than enough countermeasures available to your standard attacks, so deployment schedules and resource management is very important. Keeping your unit production buildings busy is as important as your micromanagement.

Top StarCraft 2 Guides Review – Do Not Buy A StarCraft 2 Guide Until You’ve Read This Review!

Have you ever noticed how as soon as an online game gets popular, there are all kinds of experts out there? I suppose it makes sense to write a StarCraft 2 help guide when so many people want to buy a StarCraft 2 help guide, but with so many out there, how do you know which one to buy?

StarCraft 2 Terran Units – The Most Dominant Terran Units

The Terran race has units that are pretty easy to get grips with. The Marines are highly versatile – even without the support of other unit types. But about the other units in the Terran force?

StarCraft 2 Strategy for Terran in Multiplayer – Tactics to Dominate With Terran!

Out of the three races you can choose to play with online against other players, the Terran race is the easiest to learn the basics with. The Terran race is the only one available in the single player campaign with the original release of StarCraft 2. Protoss and Zerg single player campaigns are available in the expansions to the game.

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