SHINY PHANPY Radar Shiny Hunt in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

Become a Top Crop Mastery Point’s Earner

Farmville has recently launched a new feature called “crop mastery”. The first point to remember here is that you are not eligible for a crop mastery battle unless you reach level 10. Once you have acquired level 10, you then begin to battle for this new element “crop mastery”, which has 3 levels for each crop available in the market.

Alliance Level Guide – Perfect For Both Casual and Serious WoW Players

The Alliance Level Guide can help even the casual, part time World of Warcraft player. If you are one of those people that loves the game but just doesn’t have as much time in their schedule as they’d like to play enough to get ahead, don’t despair. You don’t have to give up the game you just have to play smart when you do play.

Ty Girlz Review – Is This Virtual World Appropriate For Your Daughter?

Ty Girlz was one of the first virtual worlds targeted towards young girls. It was launched in April 2007, as an extension of the Ty Girlz range of dolls. This article reviews the Ty Girlz virtual world, and tells you if this popular online destination is appropriate for your little one.

Pixie Hollow Review – Is This Fairy Themed Virtual World Worth Your Daughter’s Time & Attention?

Pixie Hollow is a fairy theme virtual world designed by Disney Interactive. This virtual world/game gets its name from the home of Tinker Bell, the primary character in the Disney Fairies franchise. While it doesn’t offer a lot for boys, the game is a virtual paradise for young girls as it is full of fairies, magic, jewelry, vibrant clothes, etc. This article takes an in depth look at this latest Disney offering.

Small Ball Poker Vs Home Run Poker, Skilled Vs Beginner

Detailing the differences between playing small ball and big pot (home run) poker and which of the two, beginners and skilled players, should be playing which style and why. In the last post I talked about pot odds and betting. The topic today has a direct correlation to that.

Should You Let Your Child Play World of Warcraft?

With such a popular game as the famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, many parents wonder if it’s OK to let their child play this game. Many children ask to play because they know friends who play or another family member or even have seen advertisements for it on TV.

Use Your Personal Store Wisely in Aion

Personal stores are a controversial subject in Aion, Personal stores are turned on by using the private store option, items for sale are then placed in special slots, and the player then becomes a clickable shop for other players to browse. The player can then be AFK during this period, and the game would not disconnect you.

Starting Out in Aion

I’ve been playing MMO’s since the release of the Kunark expansion for Everquest back in April of 2000. Since then I’ve been honing and refining my MMO abilities.

Choose Your World of Warcraft Profession & Choose Your Destiny

Professions are an important aspect of WoW gaming. Players learn professions to advance their levels, acquire more items, and get more gold. Some professions are more suited for one player than another. All the basic professions are called primary professions…

Gems of Wisdom For Jewelcrafters – Using Your World of Warcraft Profession For Profit and Power

World of Warcraft allows online role-players to train their characters in a variety of professions. One of the most lucrative of these is Jewelcrafting. Introduced to players as part of the Burning Crusade expansion, players can make all sorts of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, pendants and…

A Few Things to Know About the Horde Faction Before Choosing Which Faction to Join

The Horde is one of the two factions of World of Warcraft characters-the other being Alliance. There are many choices available under the banner of the Horde in terms of race and class. Have you chosen a character belonging to the Horde faction? I suggest you look for a guide on how to power level your character…

How to Harness the Spellbinding Power of the Mage in World of Warcraft

Mages are one of Azeroth’s most popular casters. Their specialty is using magic to alter and to create items with the goal of boosting their own power-or their friends’ power. Mages focus in on damage dealing for lower level groups. With higher level groups, the mage offers an even larger repertoire of skills such as Spellsteal, Remove Curse, teleportation, and counterspells…

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