Online Flash Game Sites Are Arcades for 2011

In the 1980’s, arcades were the biggest thing going for adolescents. Titles like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers swallowed quarter after quarter from kids desperately trying to reach that next level. The arcades of the 80’s have lost their luster due to the fact that games considered to be just as high quality have found their way online.

World of Warcraft PvP Guide to the Nagrand Arena

When I play arenas in World of Warcraft and get matched against the lower ranked players I’ve noticed a huge difference between how the high ranked players play and how the low ranked players play. In the arena the low ranked plays see every arena as the same, they don’t utilize their surroundings, or take advantage of the way the arena is set up. On the other hand the higher ranked players do.

Attributes in Entropia Universe

Entropia avatars gain skills which influence their abilities and tasks within the game. The most basic and perhaps the most important of these skills are the attributes. Attributes affect and are affected by everything within the game.

The Size of Entropia Universe

The sheer size and complexity of this virtual world is what makes it both addictive and affective. The world of Calypso is large enough to keep anyone occupied for weeks if all they do is explore. But it would be hard to limit your activity to just exploring with all the options presented to you.

Walking Planet Calypso

Taking a walk is a type of adventure all it’s own… perhaps not as exciting as hunting, but definitely cheaper. Some people may find it boring but walking across the land can be quite informative and you may just see something unexpected.

Choosing a Profession in Entropia Universe

A quick and good guide to starting your character in Entropia Universe. This article covers one of the tougher questions, defining your character’s role.

Where to Find Online Activities and Games for Kids

There are literally hundreds of websites online that have games and activities for kids of all ages. Both educational and recreational games can easily be found by doing an online search. When finding appropriate games for children to play it’s important to find sites that are safe and secure.

Findables in Entropia Universe

Walking in search of fruit and rocks can be enjoyable. Mostly it is a time consuming practice that takes a great deal of patience. There are however a few different techniques that you can use.

MUDs: Is There a ‘Happily Ever After’?

Like a lot of people, I enjoy happy endings. Not all the time, but most of it. In this article I will introduce you to two of my dearest friends, Ali (age 26) and Paul (age 27), who I have known for over ten years and yes, we all met in a MUD. After spending an extraordinary time in game and out of it in the ‘real world’ we formed a group of friends that even to this day meet up and have fun, even if some have drifted off from the path of the MUD whilst I stubbornly remained.

Text Adventure Games: Player/Character Separation (Part Two)

In part one of this article, we discussed the importance of IC/OOC distinction – what happens when it doesn’t exist, as well as who it affects. In-character/out-of-character distinction (IC/OOC) is the establishment of a player and his or her character as separate entities. However, this distinction often doesn’t come naturally – it should be practiced and honed. In this article, we will explore various ways with which you can create character-player distinction.

Online Text-Based Games: Roleplaying a Female – A Guide for Men

What is this? I can CHOOSE whether to be a male or female when I create a character in a text game? I’ve always been a male though! However, I have always coveted a nice set of b- erm, a nice set of emotions. Yes, those. Being the manly man that I am, I am just way too manly to ever be able to show emotions like the fairer (arguable) sex do. Well, I suppose I can try this whole ‘be a female’ thing. What do I do though? I don’t know how to be a woman!

Runescape Merchanting Dos and Don’ts

Runescape Merchanting is a process which is easy to begin but difficult to master, and unlike many things in both the real world and in Runescape there are definitely some definitive rules you can put in place which means you’re more likely to win more of the time, and when you do win maximize your profits – which as a Runescape Merchanter is obviously going to be top of your agenda. I think one really important thing not to do is invest all of your capital in one item for a number of reasons. Firstly, even if…

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