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Nexus Guide – Why the PvE Bible is Your Best Nexus Guide Choice

The Nexus is a beginning level instance that can give you some of the gear and experience you need for the challenges you’ll face in future raids and instances. While the Nexus is a relatively easy instance, it is still a challenge for the level 71 to level 73 players who should be exploring it. I had no idea how to attack this place at first.

A Farming Gold Guide on How You Can Get Your Epic Fast

It is no secret that if you really want to succeed in World of Warcraft, you really need to have a lot of Gold. The only problem that arises is due to the fact that not many people are aware of the best ways one can get gold.

The Gold Making Guide For Auctioneer Add on in World of Warcraft

Playing games such as the World of Warcraft can be a little challenging, especially if you are facing lot of obstacles throughout the game. But this article will begin slowly so that you will not get overwhelmed. And this article will provide you one of the most comprehensive tips anyone has given out. Best of all, it is free. The important thing that you need to have is an add on for the Auctioneer. Once you have gotten this add on, you will really think of it as your best friend. Although in order to setup the information, you will have to run at least two scans everyday for a short while.

World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guide

No matter what level you reach, the process of gold farming will still require a little supervision. With so many gold guides on World of Warcraft available in the market, Mining has become a much easier procedure. Just like what these manuals will tell you, roaming around and searching for a crowd of mob is not a wise idea. So is fine mining a node. Instead, the lost time should be spent on farming. But this can also apply to mining, particularly when you have been promoted to the more advanced mining levels where the nodes are scarce and isolated far away from each one.

WoW Power Leveling With Instances

If by now, you already own a leveling guide to World of Warcraft, you must have read dozens of tips which will teach you how you will be able to reach the end of the game content. However, with the launch of the new 2.3 patch, players are now able to reach the game’s end content without having to group up or grind. Then again, this new patch may not suit characters that are not able to complete their quests. But this can still be a holdup for players who have half levels in the Hellfire Peninsula. Good news for players though is that this new patch can enable them to skip on circumstances where players dealt with the previous versions of the game.

Best Methods to Make a Ton of Gold in World of Warcraft

There are many most wanted and celebrated tasks in the game called, World of Warcraft. Among these is gold making. On a daily basis, thousands of players try their best in order to make gold which are required in order to build their profiles, obtain raiding equipments, create new characters, and restrict their occupations. As of the moment, the best method you can make a lot of money is to utilize characters which have not yet been affected by the Wrath of the Lich King’s release. Here are some professions which can aid you getting a ton of gold…

Successful Herbalism Gold Guide

Nowadays, there are so many guides on World of Warcraft Gold which highlight a good number of techniques to make gold. These techniques have been determined through its success and efficiency rate. There are three main gathering methods included in these techniques, and one of them includes herbalism. However, this profitable profession is very hard to master since there are so many unpredictable node sites. Because of that, this article will help you make a decision on what you have to look for and where these can be found.

About Dress Up Games

Fashion games are becoming increasingly big. The greatest thing about these dress up games is that they apply to funseekers of all kinds. Normal games consist of putting clothes on dolls for events, parties and weddings. The main target for the game is younger girls, who find entertainment and thrills from these games. A few want to simply test their originality, and fashion experts can actually take advantage of them to check their own abilities.

Aion Kozen Guide Review

Kozen believes that in order to level fast in Aion you must do quests. In order to prove his point, he has written a guide that shows you how to level to 50 by following a series of quests exclusively.

Aion Elyos Guide – Aion Guide to Elyos Leveling

Are you in a need to start leveling your elyos character in Aion? Well, to do this on the fastest way you should keep 2 things in mind.

WoW Paladin Guide For Noobs

New players to World Of Warcraft that want to play paladins are no doubt going to go looking for a WoW paladin guide at some point to begin learning their toons. Here is a very basic WoW Paladin Guide For noobs.

Guide to Explore Badlands Achievement

The Badlands is a large, sprawling World of Warcraft zone that is used by many players to level up their characters in the mid level 40 range. Most players will therefore have explored a good portion of the zone already, however, those who need to complete their Explore Badlands achievement will find that there are a few nooks and crannies that can be quite hard to get to!

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