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Starcraft 2 Tips and Strategy: Zerg Units: Mutalisk

Starcraft 2 is one the hottest game in the gaming market today. What I am going to talk about is my favorite zerg unit and one of the most versatile mid game unit in the Zerg arsenal, Mutalisk. The Starcraft 2 tips I am going to share with you is a basic introduction to Mutalisk and how professional Starcraft 2 gamers use this unit to its best potential.

Easy Gold Guide For WoW – The Easiest Way To Make Gold in World of Warcraft

I’ve heard people talk about using an easy gold guide for World of Warcraft and they were generally pleased with them. Some were asking about what makes them so easy.

Horde Gold Farming For The Good, The Bad and The Elite

Looking for some easy Horde gold farming in World of Warcraft? There is a way you can make very decent amounts of gold in the game without having to stress about not killing enough mobs or having to evade enemy players or get ganked by them.

Horde Gold Guide – The Good Things That Come With a Gold Guide For WoW

Having a Horde gold guide was the world to me in the game. I was having a really tough time making the gold I needed to only survive in the game.

Final Fantasy 14 Culinarian Recipe Guide – How To Make The Best Items With Your Culinarian In FF14

Do you want to learn how to make the best items with your Culinarian in Final Fantasy 14? Learn the best Culinarian recipes right now!

How To Farm Gold in WoW Without Playing For Hours

If you were wondering how to farm gold in WoW without having to play for large periods of time, or if it’s even possible, then you came to the right place. Most players think that in order to become rich in the game, you have to play every day for the most part of the day.

Have Fun Playing Taxi Truck

Who said riding in a taxi can’t be fun? How about taking a ride in a monster truck taxi? Now you can, with Taxi Truck!

Horde Power Leveling – Learn How To Do It Fast Using A WoW Leveling Guide

Advancing through levels 1-80 using an in-game horde power leveling guide in the World of Warcraft for online gamers. Things to consider before you purchase the right type of guide for your needs.

Text Based RPG: How to Write a Character Description

The great thing about text based RPG games is the ability to customize your character’s appearance to your liking, and not just in terms of picking out a bunch of blocky, ready-made body parts. Most online text games will have features allowing descriptions of your character to be entered online, which can be anything ranging from wacky hair to purple scales, or even horns if you’re feeling in the mood. But because your character description can be viewed by so many other players in the text games, it is natural to want it to be…

Text Based RPG: How to Create A Compelling Character

Many different kinds of people are attracted to text-based RPGs, and this is a great thing because it leads to a variety of interesting characters to interact with. This is what makes the worlds of text adventure games so much more realistic and fun than any other kind of game. But with so many different characters running around, it can be difficult to “break into” text-based games with a new character, especially if the game is well-established.

Online Text Games: The Art of Emoting – Part One

Most online text games have a list of common ‘Emotions’ that your character can perform by typing a simple keyword that has already been programmed into the game. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just type ‘smile’ next time you’re playing your favorite text game. Your character will automatically smile. Simple enough, right?

Three Things Text Games Have Prepared Me For In Real Life

For many of us, gaming is a chance to learn and grow. Sure, we may have fun with the game itself, but sometimes there are also lessons that go into playing that bleed over into every day life. Here are three things that I’ve noticed which have come from my experiences playing text based games that bled over into my real life.

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