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Use A 1-85 Horde Leveling Guide

The Horde is an underrated yet strangely beloved faction in World of Warcraft, a game played online by billions around the world. The initial point of the game is to level from 1-85 with a class and race of your choosing, then you get into the end game content which is what everyone seems to strive to get to as swift as possible. With the adjustments that came with Patch 4.0 and the advent of Cataclysm (which changed the world completely) everyone is left a little flat footed because all of the content you knew you could just fly past before is utterly different. They’ve also added a new race on the Horde which people want to level up and use; the Goblins!

Text-Based RPGs: Good Grief! – A Guide to Griefing in Text Games

In an online text game where might usually makes right and death is not permanent, the best way to get your text enemy to admit defeat is to grind them into the ground so hard that they don’t even want to play. If there are no enemies to fight, then obviously you win the text game!

The Amazing World Of FarmVille

In a highly sophisticated and digitized society, online communities have replaced real life interaction between people. So it’s quite surprising that one of the leading simulated reality games is actually a tribute to one of the most manual jobs known to man – farming.

A Quick and Easy Strategy Guide For FarmVille Players

FarmVille is the most popular game on Facebook and played by millions all over the world. Many people become addicted to playing the game and some actually spend a great deal of money to get farm cash for those bonus plants and items. But since we all want to win at any game we play, there are certain strategies that you might want to consider when becoming a FarmVille farmer.

FarmVille in a Nutshell

FarmVille is a farm-simulation game where Facebook users can grow crops on a plot of land. You are represented in the game by an avatar that you can change at any point in the game, where you use coins earned from harvesting plants that you plant on your land. You can also use the coins to buy more seeds, land, and other possessions that can enhance the land that users own.

Free Eve Online Subscription – Find Out How To Play Eve Online For Free

Most of the players in Eve Online do not realize they could be playing the game for free. Others use this to their advantage and make money from it. Everyone is allowed to purchase a GTC (Game Time Code) and use it towards their account.

Building The Best City In CityVille – Secrets Exposed In New Guide

CityVille has now officially passed Farmville as Zynga’s most popular new game. As a result, millions are now on a mission to build the best city possible. Conveniantly enough, a bunch of new guides have sprung out of nowhere offering dreams of epic cities to the worlds new CityVille fans.

Arcuz – Behind the Dark Game Edition

If you have played the Legend of Zelda or Diablo before then Arcuz – Behind the Dark edition will surely attract your interest to play this game until you are able to complete all of its challenges. If features the story that began in the Land of Sakara within the village of Arcuz. The villagers are living happily with their daily prosperous life until one day, the Evil of the Abyss suddenly came out of nowhere and brought chaos and destruction into the entire land of Sakara.

Fighting Boredom Through Free Online Games and Other Fun Activities

Boredom is seeping in so you need to do something fun before you waste your precious time – ASAP. So what can you do? Try free online games and these other activities that will surely get you out of boredom.

What Not to Do in Runescape

There are a few things that go completely against becoming good at Runescape. Here are a few…

Why Use The Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide? Find Out!

Find out if the Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide can give you the edge that you require in order to dominate the game. Can it really help you to play Starcraft 2 like a pro?

Badugi, Paduki, or Padooki, It’s Online Poker Fun

No matter whether you call it Badugi or Padooki, this poker game of Korean origin is making inroads on internet poker sites. I recently started playing on PokerStars.com and I find the game challenging, frustrating, and mostly fun.

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