Hunter Vs Mage

Fighting Mages in PvP with your Hunter is like fighting 10 year old boys running around with bazookas. They can hit you really, really hard but they go down very easily. The majority of Mages out there have very small health pools compared to pretty much any other class. Their trade off is the ability to blink around the screen at will, drop huge nukes and polymorph you into various barnyard animals. In short, most mages will not be a big problem for the Hunter to kill in the Arena or the Battle Grounds.

Hunter Vs Druid

As a Hunter in PvP fighting a Druid the attack and defense style you use will depend almost entirely on the build of the Druid. If they are running as Feral fight them off as you would a Rouge. If they come in as a Resto Druid (aka Agitated Shrub) fight them as you would a Priest but be prepared for a very long fight. What the Hunter really needs to be careful of is the Boomkins (Balance Spec) as a well played Balance Druid can deal some serious damage and do it from range.

Review of Grand Fantasia – A Free Online Multiplayer Game (MMORPG)

Grand Fantasia is a game about restoring the balance of nature which was destroyed by human green and is now threatened by the forces of darkness. The land of Saphael, which was once peaceful, was now being ravaged by war.

Hunter Vs Rogue

Everyone hates Rogues in PvP. I’d go far as to wager that even Rogues hate other Rogues in PvP. It’s totally exasperating when one pops in behind you, stuns and stabs you to death and you feel like there was simply nothing at all you could do about it. I’ve heard other Hunters say simply, “When a good Rogue gets on me I just stand there and try to figure out which graveyard I’m going to spawn at.” This is not the way to deal with them…you’re better than that.

Hunter Vs Warrior

The secret to a Hunter taking out Warriors in PvP is, like most things, a matter of range. The nice thing is Warriors have no real Ranged Damage option available to them so if you can keep them off you they go down pretty harshly. Main point here, as with all melee types, is to keep him as far away from you and slowed and dotted as much as possible.

Hunter Vs Priest

As a Hunter facing Priest in PvP can be one of our biggest challenges. For one they can, obviously, heal. Secondly they have some seriously damaging damage over time (DOT) spells that can suck the ever loving life out of you faster than you can sic your pet. Thirdly is that darn bubble (shield) that they pop up right as you’re about to take them out. The Priests main talent is staying alive and they can accomplish this with very little mana. So, what is there to do?

Hunter Vs Warlock

Coming up against a Warlock as a Hunter in PvP can be a rather unsettling situation. It’s like an Old West showdown. Both classes have ranged damage and both classes have pets. Warlocks can be really, really dangerous and, if you’re not careful, you’ll be dead before you know what hit you.

World of Warcraft – Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide Review

Overall this is one of the better leveling guides out there. It covers level 1 – 80 and you can try out the first 40 levels for free.

Cafe World – Maximizing Your Menu

If you plan on being a successful cafe owner in the mini game Cafe World then you’re going to have to choose carefully when deciding on a menu. There are a great many things you could serve, but not all entrees are created equally. Some make a lot more money than others along with other little benefits you should consider. Eventually there will be even more to choose from. The following are just a few tips to help you make the most out of your menu.

Balance Leveling Spec

Though Feral is often touted as the best druid spec for leveling, the fact remains that it can be very frustrating and boring at low levels, and often feels too familiar for anyone that’s played Rogue at higher levels. So we’re going to go over a Balance leveling spec with this article, detailing which talents to take when, and what Glyphs you should grab to go with them on the way to level 80!

Reasons Why You Should Try Out Dragonica

If you are looking for a free online game, then Dragonica is one that you should check out. This article explains the reasons why you should download and try out this MMO game.

Prot Leveling Spec – Paladin Edition

For those looking to level quickly these days, using a tanking spec and combining questing with instancing is probably the best bet. So this Prot leveling spec for Paladin’s is designed with that goal in mind; being able to both quest and tank effectively.

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