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Rogue Lockpicking Guide – Lazy Rogue’s Guide to Picking Locks

Like an alternate profession, lockpicking has to be leveled from level 1. As a rogue you’ll be able to receive the skill from your Rogue Trainer at level 16. Its uses are to open locked doors, chests and lockboxes that are scattered either in dungeons or anywhere in the world. An important note is that although this rogue lockpicking guide covers which lockboxes are available to you and what types of mobs will drop different lockboxes and not some way to “Power-level” it.

Blacksmithing Leveling Guide – Quick and Easy Ways To Blacksmith

Blacksmithing is one of the primary crafting professions in World of Warcraft and is the art of manufacturing plate armor and weapons out of metals, minerals and several trade goods. Being able to turn sturdy metal into powerful weapons is the blacksmith specialty. As any other blacksmithing leveling guide would recommend, Mining is is required to reduce the costs of leveling blacksmithing. Although not a prerequisite it is fairly good advice especially for a brand new character.

Jewelcrafting Daily – Complete Guidelines to Every Quest

To unlock the jewelcrafting daily you must first complete the quest Finish the Shipment from Timothy Jones in Dalaran. In the article I describe the closest mobs to kill for each quest as well as the lower level alternatives for those who aren’t level 80 yet. This has been helpful to me as it only takes around 10 minutes per day to complete.

1-450 Jewelcrafting – Save Gold While Getting JC Up To Maximum

As I’m sure all of you know by now, leveling any crafting profession especially from scratch will cost a lot of gold. Luckily for you, I just only leveled mine and am going to put it out in detail here on out as to what were the cheapest recipes I’d used. It’ll still be expensive though as I didn’t supplement it with Mining and had to purchase nearly all my materials.

Holy Paladin PvP Guide – Learning How To Handle Your Enemies

Depending on your flavor, there are different levels to preparing your Paladin. As in any Holy Paladin pvp guide, you’ll realize that there’s a progression which begins with your talents, gear and finally what type of pvp you’re interested in. As there isn’t much World PvP going around nowadays, your best bet is in Battlegrounds or Arenas. Even in arenas, there are subtle differences to 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. Obviously as you’re healing, you’re going to be primary target and have to be able to take a lot of burst damage especially in a 5v5.

Shaman PvP Guide – Answers To What Specialization Is Best!

So you’re into the Shaman class. Either mail wearing Rogues swinging about their dual 1-handed weapons or the hardy Mage that can cast heals to keep themselves alive, they are a force to be reckoned with. Having significant weaknesses, such as their totems having near zero health, they are quite difficult to get accustomed to. In this Shaman pvp guide I’ll be explaining a few ways to benefit or at least cover some of those weaknesses.

Brian Kopp Guide – Listen To The Prospective Buyer Before Buying

If any of you has ever heard about a Brian Kopp guide, you’ve probably already noticed that it’s mainly for the audience that plays as Alliance in the game World of Warcraft. The total opposite of Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide in fact, it also provides the same services in terms of in-game addons which provide quests and directions using maps of what quests to do and how to do them making it a fairly quick way of getting to the maximum level.

iDemise Leveling Guide Review – Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing

For those of you who’re unfamiliar with this Multi-Game team named iDemise, they’ve been around for as long as I can remember and have been participating in games such as Counter-Strike competitively. It just so happens that the person who decided to write up this guide was also the Team Leader for his clan and he had moved on to World of Warcraft. Also competitive in its own right, he was active in Arenas and Battlegrounds and enjoyed testing different classes to find out their strength and weaknesses. The only problem, he realized, was his habit to level a new character every time he wanted to test out a new class.

Jewel Crafting – Planning To Start? Learn More Here Before Deciding

What is Jewel Crafting? In the World of Warcraft, it’s the ability to imbue magical properties into jewellery such as neck pieces, rings, and a variety of trinkets. They also make use of this ability to cut gems that then enhance stats once applied to equipment. This only applies to equipment that has the sockets for it but these are fairly common towards the end-game content.

Horde Power Leveling Guide – Preparing Yourself For The Horde

That means you intend to play as the Horde faction and would like to level quickly, isn’t it? Have you decided on a class you’re interested in? How about what races are available for the class you’ve chosen? Different races provide racial bonuses that affect how well you perform in both player versus environment and player versus player aspect though. Starting off with a friend? What about the fact that the class your friend might want isn’t available to your race? A lot of question marks isn’t it? And we’re not even done with the character creation screen.

Paladin Weapons – Getting to Know Your Equipment

Paladins are able to equip nearly every weapon in World of Warcraft except for daggers, fist weapons and staves. Also, they are unable to equip ranged weapons. And instead, they have a libram slot which increases the effectiveness of a specific role. In addition to weapons, they’re also efficient users of Shields and off-hand weapons. In different situations, there is a preference to what type of weapon they would be wielding.

Choosing Your Class

Making the right decision when choosing your character’s class in World of Warcraft effects your play style enormously particularly as you progress through the higher levels. Furthermore, it determines which roles you will be able to fulfill in group play. Below is some general information about the styles, strengths and vulnerabilities of each of the classes, enabling you to make an informed choice and maximizing your game experience.

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