Treasure Isle Tips

Wanting more energy is the most common problem amongst treasure Isle players nowadays. Sadly though, in Treasure Isle there are no cheats for getting extra energy you can buy cash by using real money through PayPal etc. The good news here is that while the creators, Zynga has good security controls, there are still some strategies which can be used in order to do well in Treasure Isle. While these strategies do not technically qualify as cheats, let us call them that way for our convenience.

Treasure Isle Secrets Guide

This article gives some tips and tricks regarding the Facebook game of “Treasure Island”. As there are 150 levels in this game, some knowledge and tips are required if you want to reach till 110-120 level at least. Following are few things that can help you in your game.

Facebooks Treasure Isle – Everything You Need To Know

Treasure Isle is a new addition to the already popular games created by Zynga. Yes, you guessed it; they are the same as the creators of FarmVille and YoVille. Enjoy!

Getting Energy In Treasure Isle

One of the most important resources required in order to do well in the Treasure Isle game on Facebook is energy. It is the main resource required in order to find new treasures by digging up lands and it is quite impossible to do well without a lot of energy.

Secrets of Treasure Isle

Most Treasure Isle players want to sail through the 150 levels of the game at a faster pace as compared to their neighbours and friends. There are ways to do this and we aim to cover them here.

Treasure Isle Secret

Treasure Isle has always been amongst the most addictive games available on Facebook. After spending some time with the game, you will realize that your neighbours and other people seem to be advancing quite fast and in a certain pattern and you will find yourself wondering where you go wrong. Well, firstly, there are those who insist on staying up all night in order to gain more levels in the game and then there are those who are smarter and use some simple tips and tricks.

FishVille Secrets Review

Here we have the FishVille Secrets Guide review which I have bought, so I thought I would share my experience and review it. I love FishVille and regularly play the game, I have got about 3 million in cash. There are some formulas in the guide which allowed me to achieve level 60 quickly and earn lots of cash.

FishVille Tips

Released in November 2009 by game developers Zynga, FishVille is gaining a lot of popularity, following in the footsteps of its predecessors Farmville and Treasure Isle. This article is all about how to score it big in the game with a few tricks and techniques which can save you a lot of useful time and resources.

A Beginners Guide to FishVille

FishVille is the newest game to come out of Zynga, the developers of Farmville and Treasure Isle. Released in the November of 2009, it is turning a lot of heads among the Facebook community and this article is basically to help you along the initial stages of starting with Farmville.

FishVille Experience Points (EXP)

A lot of people are looking for FishVille cheats or secret strategies to dominate the game. If you wish to level up faster in FishVille you must be aware of this secret. (EXP) Experience points are key.

FishVille Money

FishVille is all about harvesting your fishes and selling them off in the market to increase your profits. In order to do this, there are two important rules you have to consider before taking any action.

FishVille Power Leveling

The following are a few tips which will help you to power level quickly in the FishVille game on Facebook. In order to gain levels quickly, it is important to know what fish are the best to be invested on and what will give you the most experience points or EXP when they are sold. The experience points offered differs from one fish to another and it is not necessary that a fish which costs more will give you more experience points.

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