Mafia Wars Help – How to Get Started

Most people who have heard of Mafia Wars have no idea where they can play it or how to play it. I have answered some frequently asked questions below and how to get you started playing it quickly. What is Mafia Wars?

How to Dominate Dungeons With Three Armor Sets

When selecting your armor, remember that you’ll need to protect your head, shoulder, back chest, wrist, hands, waist, legs and feet. That’s why you have different slots in your armor for these items. Every class has different fighting armor available to them. These armor equipment sets are varied for different fighting (dungeon, raid, and PvP fighting). Usually, you’ll want to pick an Armor set based on what situation you are in.

How to Use WotLK Changes to Your Advantage

The Lich King is another ruthless, evil being that hates the living and is more likely to sacrifice his workers in his name than use them for work. He’s just a mean character, who loves to inflict pain and sadistic punishment on anyone and everyone. He uses his psychic powers to enslave the local life forms and make them his undead servants.

Mafia Wars Game

Mafia Wars is a highly addictive multiplayer browser game created by Zynga, and is being played by millions of players around the world on social networking sites such as Tagged, Facebook, and Twitter. It is also quite a challenge to master Mafia Wars because of the large number of crew member in rival families.

What Do the Text Colors Underneath Mining Nodes Mean?

As you travel around mining you may have noticed that when you hold your mouse over a vein or node that there are 5 different colors that you are seeing. These represent the difficulty in mining these nodes relative to your skill level. This is important to remember because it will affect how fast or whether or not you’ll even be able to gain a skill up at all by striking a mining node.

What is a Ventrilo Server?

The Ventrilo host program is a downloadable program which allows users to talk with each other while gaming through a microphone, speakers, or a headset. The Ventrilo program is similar to a conference call and allows users to connect to a Ventrilo server to communicate with each other while playing on multiplayer or team gaming sites that have become very popular online.

A Look at Legitimate Power Leveling in MapleStory

Many people look to find faster ways to level in MapleStory. Here is a look at one simple way to do so.

Mafia Wars Ten of Hearts and Other Collectibles – How to Get Rare Items

Mafia Wars is a huge, social game. There are so many different types of playing styles and so many successful players that it almost seems impossible to become one of those players who can knock off his or her opponents with practiced skill and accrue money and items in barely any time at all.

Best Death Knight Race – A Breakdown by Purpose

With death knights being able to choose from any race in the game, it can be hard to decide which one is the best choice. Fortunately, this guide is here to help you pick the best death knight race for your endgame role; whether tanking, DPS, or PvP is your eventual goal.

FarmVille Tricks For Cash – The Best Way to Get FarmVille Cash

Almost everybody playing FarmVille gets to the point when they are shorter on money. You can make Farm Cash relatively easy, just check the following steps and you will have no problem gathering your own cash.

Team Fortress 2 Crafting

TF have brought a new enjoyable crafting system. In the old days you had to do achievements to get new weapons and items. But people were complaining about all useless doubles of weapons that you had, but all that changed with the new crafting system.

How to Easily Get the Best Resto Druid Gear

Resto druids are one of the most popular healing classes for their high heal per second abilities and versatility. Druids in World of Warcraft are excellent group and raid healers and they can be quite decent Main Tank healers if need be. However, druids are still better placed on raid and group healing, as their healing over time spells can provide large amount of healing done to everyone in the raid as long as the players in the raid do no take large damage spikes from various sources of damage.

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