Online Text Games: Performing in a Role Playing MUD

Despite the non-visual nature of text games, it is entirely plausible to roleplay a wandering minstrel or a performer of sorts. There are a few things that must be done to ensure that the performance is effective, and there is a very real and noticeable difference between a well-rehearsed skit and an unfinished, unpracticed one. The intent of this guide is to instruct the reader in three important parts of planned performing: audience appeal, descriptiveness, and timing.

How To Get FarmVille Cash – Two Simple Ways To Get Free FV Cash

Did you ever see the farm of the week picture on your screen right before your own farm loaded? I’m sure you have.

How To Get Free FarmVille Cash Without Cheats Or Exploits

Playing Farmville can get really frustrating some times. Especially when you see that there are so many cool items you can buy, but you don’t have the cash for it.

How To Play FarmVille – The Right Way To Play FarmVille

Don’t know how to play Farmville? You must be just beginning then. Despite the fact that this is a browser game, you can still get stuck at it.

How To Get FarmVille Cash For Free – Neighbours Vs FV Cash

Wondering how to get FarmVille cash for free? It is completely understandable, considering how much they cost to buy with real money.

FarmVille Tips – Amazing Tips That Just Work

There are two types of Farmville players. There are the ones that play the game to pass the time and maybe socialize a bit more. And there are the ones that the first set of players look at their farms and remain in awe.

How Do You Get FarmVille Cash – What You Need To Know About FV Cash

There are two types of currency in Farmville. Coins and Cash. You can FV coins to buy the most basic of items.

How To Earn FarmVille Cash – Make Everyone Jealous Of Your Farm In No Time

Want to have a farm bigger than that of your neighbour? Or maybe you saw items you didn’t even know existed on his land.

Farmville Strategy Guide – Show Off To Your Friends With Your Beautiful Farm

Thinking about using a Farmville strategy guide? Then you probably want to use a better way to enhance your farm or learn how to play Farmville efficiently.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Make Gold on Cataclysm Fast

Hundreds of thousands of WoW players are still clueless as to why they should always aim to make gold on Cataclysm fast. In almost every video game, the biggest mistake that players tend to commit is that they do not read before they act. They jump in on the game and discover aspects of the game a little too late.

WoW Macro Guide – Solutions for Players That Don’t Know How to Make Macros

Are you aware how important WoW macros are for this game? You can’t possibly play your character at maximum without the right macros and a balanced keybinding. That’s why I’ve been looking for a WoW macro guide. Anyway, I have to tell you a little story that made me look for a WoW macro guide, and write here a few useful macros for various classes.

Real Flight Simulator

If you’ve never used a flight sim, or if you are using one of Microsoft’s old flight simulators it’s about time that you try a real flight simulator. I’m not trying to badmouth Microsoft as they were the king of flight sim for quite a while, but they have greatly fallen off.

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