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Warlock Talent Build – Unstoppable Hi-Speed Leveling

Warlocks are categorized in the World of Warcraft as one of the four pure breed damage dealer classes. In addition to that, all of their damage is ranged and they may own demons for pets. I’ve gone through many a warlock talent build as I myself am always looking for a quick way to level an alt and have just gotten my own Warlock to level 80 using “Affliction” all the way and then adding some into “Demonology” when I took what I needed from “Affliction”.

Halloween Bonus Items and Topiaries on FarmVille

FarmVille has quickly grown to one of the most popular games online. Here’s an article on what Halloween bonus items and topiaries are available through FarmVille.

Wanna Be Decked Out In Great Gear, Learn How To Play Your Class And Level to 80 As Fast As Possible?

When it comes to leveling in World of Warcraft, we all know it can get a bit tedious. If you’re just jumping into the game or if you’re an experienced raider trying to level up an alt or three, griding away and doing quests can be a bit boring after a while. No wonder most people have 4 or 5 alts and maybe 1 of them is anywhere close to 80!

Mage PvP Guide – Time Tested Free Honor Points

Since the arrival of Wrath of the Lich King, mages are fairly balanced in PvP in either of their talent specializations. Whether it be “Arcane”,”Frost” or “Fire” each of them provide a certain amount of control on a battle. Although all focused on damage dealing, there are fairly different playstyles while using either of the three talent specializations. If you’ve been checking out a mage pvp guide or two, you’ll notice that most cookie cutter builds include “Fire” or “Frost” combining with “Arcane”. For example a favourite arena build is 20/0/51 which is 20 points into “Arcane” and 51 straight down into “Frost” to get “Deep Freeze”.

Become a Farmer Tycoon in FarmVille

FarmVille has quickly grown to one of the most popular games online. Here’s an article on how to be a real estate grubbing tycoon in the world of FarmVille.

Should You Buy Animals and Trees Early in FarmVille?

FarmVille has quickly grown to one of the most popular games online. Here’s an article on why you should buy animals and trees while playing FarmVille.

Team iDemise Leveling Guide – Are They For Real?

Ever wondered why they’re called “Team iDemise” and not just “iDemise”? Kind of gives you the idea there’s more than one person behind it doesn’t it? You’re right though. Although the idea was initially one person’s idea from leveling quickly and efficiently in the World of Warcraft later on he’d noticed that there were guides out there that were for sale and the time it took them from 1-80 was around the same as the time he took. One of the reasons they created the team iDemise leveling guide was to provide gamers just like them to get to level 80 as soon as possible as there really isn’t much point to lingering from 1-79. The game only really gets exciting at max level.

Sports and Kids Games

Kids have been associated with sports for quite a while. In all honesty, there is nothing more enduring than having to play the best of sports games and catching up with friends on the field. However, on a rainy day when the weather is bad outside or if it is well passed playing time, kids tend to wonder where they can play sports and kids games as better alternatives.

Mastering Race Matchups In Starcraft 2

Mastering race matchups in Starcraft 2 is one of the fundamentals that you have to learn if you want to reach Diamond status on battlenet. Strategies change drastically depending on which race you are playing and which race you are playing against. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play Terran, Zerg or Protoss, mastering race matchups in Starcraft 2 will play a huge role in any strategy that you use, and you need to master all of the possible combinations.

Shadow Priest Guide – Straight to The Point Leveling Guide

Priests are the only class in World of Warcraft with 2 separate talent specializations that focus on healing. However, their ability to deal damage in the “Shadow” tree is no doubt one of the highest among the variety of hybrid classes in the game. No matter which shadow priest guide you follow, you are going to have a tough time leveling up to level 20. In the beginning, without talents to define you as a Shadow Priest and with smite as your main spammable ability, it’s going to be tough. But don’t feel down. Every class has it’s hump. Heck even Retribution Paladins only get an instant attack at level 50.

Enchanting Guide 1-450 – Quick and Easy Enchanting Guide

Able to be learned at level 5, Skills from 1-300 are learned from enchanting trainers from any major city in Classic WoW. Above that, trainers will be either in Honor Hold for the Alliance or Thrallmar for the Horde, both are located in Hellfire Peninsula. Grand Master training at 350 will be available to players at level 65 and learned from Dalaran which is the major hub for Wrath of the Lich King expansion. For a list of all the recipes (Or at least the cheapest ones to increase your level) it may be a good idea to get a more specific enchanting guide 1-450 as detailed information such as green (Uncommon) recipes and the cheapest materials to use to increase enchanting profession level.

Jewelcrafting Recipes – Easy Mode Guide To Cutting Gems

Jewelcrafting was first introduced in “The Burning Crusade” expansion and is available to anyone who has purchased the expansion. Learnable at level 5, however their trainers are fairly limited. For the Alliance, you will have to head to The Exodar to train new recipes and the Horde will have to visit Silvermoon City. Although many recipes will be provided to Jewelcrafters, not all of them will be useful when it comes to leveling up the profession. That being said, a detailed guide on Jewelcrafting recipes that will be beneficial to leveling the profession is advised.

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