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The Spine Crawler Rush – Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy

The Spine Crawler rush is a little-known yet highly effective Zerg Strategy in Starcraft 2. In this article, I will reveal the best way to execute this strategy.

The Masses of Hard Line Gamers Await the Heart Of The Swarm Guide

For people who have been anxiously awaiting the new Wings of Liberty release, and the fact that it wasn’t released earlier has cast suspicion over this latest masterpiece from Blizzard Entertainment. When looking for a well written Heart of The Swarm guide for Starcraft 2, most players and those new to the Starcraft 2 world have been visiting forums and watching trailer videos to get a feel for what the new release may be like.

Legacy of the Void Guide

As the third expansion of the Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty game, the Legacy of The Void guides you in a completely different direction to the other 2 expansions of this series. As opposed to the others, this expansion touted for release sometime in 2014, will focus on the Protoss race. The entire game including all expansions is set four years on from the events that unfolded in the Brood War, and continues to follow the exploits of the infamous Jim Raynor as he leads a band of eveready soldiers against the Terran Dominion.

Ghosts of The Past Guide

Die hard Starcraft 2 fans have been waiting a long time for the release of the “Ghosts of the Past” issue and aside from an extremely sensational cinematic trailer for the game; there is not a lot to be seen in the way of a Ghosts of The Past guide. I get the impression that this was the intention of the producers, Blizzard Entertainment, to enhance that waiting experience beyond anything seen before. What we can say is what we see in the trailer itself, particularly in the first 20 seconds.

Paladin Leveling Guide – Newbie Paladins Speed Leveling

As with the Paladin class in most games, in World of Warcraft they are considered a hybrid class as they are able to perform in various roles be it as Healing, Tanking as well as Damage Dealing. This makes them a very flexible class for new players who are just getting a feel of the game as they are able to explore different aspects of the game using the same character. But as with all hybrid classes, most paladin leveling guides focus primarily on taking damage dealing talents in the beginning as most of the time leveling is accomplished alone and not in a party.

Become a Force to Be Reckoned With Using Your Starcraft 2 Maps Guide!

There are basically three kinds of maps available for all levels of players. There are the “scenario” maps, the “campaign” maps and there are also maps for multi-player games. Not what you would normally expect, the best maps for beginners would be the multiplayer maps, ideal for those who may have a friend that they would like to play the game with to become familiarized with the world of Starcraft 2.

FarmVille On Facebook – Strategies That Newbies Need To Know!

The FarmVille game has become quite popular on Facebook. By applying these strategies you will find yourself moving up in the online game quickly.

Paladin Tanking Guide – Taking Damage and Loving It

The Paladin is considered a hybrid class in World of Warcraft. That being said, that doesn’t make them a subpar tank. Every tanking class in World of Warcraft is considered a hybrid. With that assumption in play, the Paladin has great survivability, cleansing abilities, physical damage immunities, as well as an ability to prevent a wipe via “Divine Intervention”. In any paladin tanking guide you will find that the Paladin is fairly newbie friendly and highly recommended especially for newer players simply because they are able to swap between being a tank, a healer and a damage dealer making it simple to explore all viable roles in World of Warcraft. They only lack ranged abilities in general but make up for it by performing well everywhere else.

Cooking Leveling Guide – Cooking Up A Storm and Getting Rich Doing It

Cooking is often underrated in its ability to make gold in World of Warcraft. As a secondary profession which every player is allowed to pick up, it can both save gold and even generate income especially if a player is still in the process of leveling as they provide buffs that affect your stats. Although a secondary profession, there are quite a few cooking leveling guides out there that often provide information on what recipes are currently in-game, which NPC drops them or sells them and what buffs they provide.

Jewelcrafting Guide 1-450 – See How Easy It Is To Make Gold With JC

Jewelcrafting is one of the more popular of professions as even in any jewelcrafting leveling guide you’ll notice they mention a balanced improvement be it in a PvE or PvP environment. This is because nearly all if not all equipment towards end-game have sockets which require gems to fill them. Another bonus of having Jewelcrafting at a high level is they are able to craft unique bind on pickup gems which have additional stats compared to the usual gems you’ll see non-jewelcrafters using.

Barbie Games – Is It Mandatory to Play Them Online for Your Girls?

The online Barbie games play a significant role in the formation of mental potential of your baby girl. There are certain aspects of her character which can be flourished through these online plays. That’s the reason why different types of games are being produced for the good of the baby girls and their entertainment.

World Of Warcraft Gold Farming Guide – 15 Minutes A Day Generate All The Gold You Want!

The good news is that it can be easy to make gold in World of Warcraft. Players have had plenty of time to create awesome gold making strategies. Grinding for gold is not the best or the only way to acquire it.

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