Is Landorus (Therian) Still META In Pokémon GO?! (2021) | Move Pool Update | Ground Type Comparison

WoW Key Binding – The Only Thing Missing To Master The Game

Can the correct WoW key binding layout improve my performance in the game? If I’m really bad, will a good key bind help me get better?

WoW Mage Macros – The Secret For More DPS With Less Actions

Using WoW Mage macros is very important for any player. Mostly because the Mage, like any other classes, has a lot of spells and abilities that need to be used in order to win a battle.

WoW Macros Guide – Faster Combat Without Problems

World of Warcraft is all about being the most efficient in everything you do. There are the elite players who always gain access to the best gear and newest levels way ahead of everyone else. They are also the players you wish you never meet in PvP.

Cityville Facebook Neighbors Guide

Do you need Cityville neighbors? Then no doubt you already know having Cityville neighbors is key to advancing in this game. It relies heavily on getting neighbors for extra energy, experience points and levelling up. So how do we get Cityville neighbors without having to go through all the fuss of spending hours searching through your contact list and adding them manually? Well I will be showing you a few of my personal methods to obtain neighbors.

WoW Shaman Macros – The Proper Way To Play Your Shaman

The Shaman is a very versatile class in World of Warcraft. It can heal, damage and also interrupt very efficiently. But to play so many roles at once, you need to have the proper key setup.

WoW Druid Macros – This Is How The Elite Play

No matter what talent build you use on a Druid, it’ll still be pretty difficult to play. Some people prefer the Feral builds because it’s a lot easier than having to become a healer.

WoW Warlock Macros – Making A Complex Class More Simple

Playing a Warlock in World of Warcraft is very fun. It’s fun because it has all sorts of spells and abilities that allow it to take on a lot of roles in a battle.

WoW Rogue Macros – Two Macros You Can’t Do Without When Playing A Rogue

The Rogue is a very complex class to play. You have to rely on Stealth to deliver your most powerful strikes and also avoid being hit too much.

WoW Keybind – Why Use Keybinds In WoW?

Ever wondered why everyone is talking about WoW keybind? What’s so special about them that makes players argue over them? The way I saw it was that they weren’t that important.

Zygors Guide Review Hit 85 In Record Time With Zygor Leveling Guide

The toughest part of WOW for a new player is leveling. Not so much leveling, but leveling as quickly as possible so that you can get to 85 and get involved with end game content. Heck, even experienced players are probably taking too long to level their alts or even their main toon if it isn’t already 85.

Online Text RPGs: How I Got Into Them

When I was younger, I got into video games and instantly felt drawn in by the role playing genre. I played select titles from the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, Shadow Hearts, Zelda, and Suikoden, as well as many more. Until one day, when I saw a friend playing a MUD and asked her what that game was. I sat in the chair next to her, and read along while she explained what was happening, and about her character. Since I loved reading, I got the idea in my head to search for a text-based game of my own to play.

A Super WoW Warrior Macro for Tanks

You’ll have to agree with me, tanking is not easy business in World of Warcraft. Especially for warriors, tanking is even a little bit harder than for paladins and death knights, because you have a little bit less AoE control. That’s why I want to put into view here a very nice and simple WoW warrior macro for tanking.

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