Dream Helm – Can the Paladin Really Stack Auras Or Synergize Them? Yes But There Are Limits (Part 2)

Dream is a Runeword used in Helms and Shields. It requires an extremely rare Rune in the form of JAH. All characters can use a Helm or Shield with the Dream Runeword in it, but Paladins benefit the most due to having synergistic skills in regards to the Holy Shock Aura provided by Dream.

Things to Do When Bored Out of Your Skull – 5 Suggestions to Stop Boredom

Bored and Fed up of being bored? Below are a couple of things you can do to help pass the time and all of them are completely free and you can do them instantly. There’s no excuse for boredom anymore!

Druid Leveling

Are you having trouble figuring out what talents to use while leveling your Druid? This guide will tell you what your best options are for leveling your Druid.

Text Based RPG – 10 Role-Playing Tips

Do you like role playing games? Have you played online text games or text based rpgs? Here are 10 simple tips for how to role play in a text adventure game.

5 Frontierville Tips To Become The Ultimate Landowner

I love Frontierville but every time I go home after work and turn on my computer, I am horrified to see my animals starving and tons of weeds need to be cut. I found some tips that make this game a whole lot more fun and less frustrating.

Text Adventure Games – The Unspoken Rules

Good text adventure games have many, many rules to observe. Usually, these will be stored accessibly within a help file, and newbies will be strongly encouraged to read them before they start. Don’t be put off; the rules in a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon – think multiplayer text game and you won’t go wrong) aren’t there to stifle your freedom, rather to allow you to play within a safe, enjoyable environment.

Hunter Leveling

Are you having trouble figuring out what talents to use while leveling your hunter? This guide will tell you what your best options are for leveling your hunter.

Do the Features on Andariel’s Visage Justify the 30% Fire Resistance Penalty It Leaves Its Bearers?

Andariel is the final Boss for Act 1, a red haired, multi-limbed demon with a powerful poison attack. Andariel’s visage is the Unique helm named after her. Andariel’s Visage is only available for Ladder Characters.

Starcraft 2 Strategies – Protoss 4Gate

The 4Gate strategy can be used to climb up to the gold ladders. Beware, all builds take practice and adaptability.

Look for Free Super Mario Games Online on Dedicated Websites

Free Super Mario games online are easy to play, starting from the fact that you don’t need to download programs to run it. Most Mario games offered online are browser games, which mean you can simply load them to your browser. Once you connect to the internet, you simply log on to a gaming website offering Mario games, choose the one you would like to play, and you can enjoy it within seconds. If you play free Super Mario games online, try to look for a dedicated game website. These sites could guarantee you to have the best Mario games that the online gaming world can offer.

Games for iPhone

You are basically given a choice, you can either pay for your iPhone games or you can get games for iPhone for free. Those that have invested in an iPhone usually either get the games for free or know where to look to get the games cheaper than they could if they were to use iTunes to get them. The iPhone hype can not be neglected as it is one of the greatest inventions to modern day mobile technology. Its multipurpose capabilities, let it be to just use the phone for communication or to listen to music, watch a movie or even play a game – the iPhone is capable of doing it all. If you would like to get free Games for iPhone then keep reading.

Frogger Games Online

Frogger Games were first introduced as an arcade game back in 1981 by Konami and distributed by Sega. Frogger has now grown ever so popular in the online community and now gamers game play Frogger Games Online for free. The objective of the game is when the player begins with 3 or more lives and is to guide a frog whose journey begins at the bottom of the screen to a lilly pad on the top of the screen. Their are of course obstacles in his way. On the lower half of the screen are roads with vehicles that may include; depending on the online frogger game you are playing, cars, buses, bulldozers, trucks, vans, motorcycles and so on. These vehicles speed horizontally which are directly in your path or crossing.

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