How to Tame Your First Pet in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an intriguing game and if you have a hunter as your character, your journey is incomplete without a dependable pet by your side. The purpose of this article is basically guiding you through the steps on how to tame your own pet in WoW.

The Free Horde Leveling Guide

This article is a guide to climbing up the levels in Horde as soon as possible and even within a week or week and a half. To start with initially you need go questing.

How to PvP With a Mage in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is perhaps the most sought after games on the internet in today’s world. The game boasts a world wide membership which makes for an extremely high member count. The money earned from the members subscribing for access to the game is huge and the makers have been given a lot of incentives to come up with more and more versions. World of Warcraft allows people to sign in to a fantasy world where they can create their own avatars and battle other players or complete quests to improve your characters traits. As it is commonly known, World of Warcraft allows users to create a number of different types of characters with different abilities; one of these characters is the Mages who are capable of performing magic in different forms and through different techniques.

The WoW Leveling Guide

Warlocks make for a good class of characters to play with. The huge amount of damage and surviving ability along with their pets which increase the damage make them one of the best classes. Following level 20 will seldom fall short of mana if one uses the life tap and other skills effectively. Warlocks can be used for questing alone in places where groups are required. Here are a few ways to build the best of warlocks in WoW.

The World of Warcraft Pets

Pets add to the fun of prancing around the world of Azeroth in the game World of Warcraft. The makers of the game have designed so many different types of pets which can be collected and sold for profits that it makes for a really huge and amusing addition to the game.

Starcraft 2 Tips and Strategy – Zerg Units: Zergling

Starcraft 2 is one the hottest game in the gaming market today. Today I am going to talk about the most basic offensive unit in the Zerg arsenal, the Zergling. What I am going to share with you is a basic introduction to zergling and how professional Starcraft 2 gamers use this fast and cheap unit to its best potential.

How to PvP With a Warlock in World of Warcraft

Amongst the different classes available in the World of Warcraft game, the warlocks make for one of the best and most powerful classes for the player versus player (PvP) version of the game. The added fact that they have those highly powerful pets who can not only destroy enemies in the PvP mode but can also prowl on demons and monsters in the PvE mode. They are considered to be one of the most powerful classes in the PvP mode and with proper information and knowledge about WoW, a player can create a warlock effectively for each and every mode of the game and even for questing alone.

WoW Gold Making Guides – Choose Your Profession Carefully

When playing a game like World of Warcraft it is important to learn and master the economy. Gold is what you are looking to gather here. There are many WoW gold making guides available online.

Creativity Enhanced With Playing Dress Up Games For Girls

Playing dress up games for girls promotes creativeness. Conceivably, the most creative aspect of playing such games is putting the dolls you have made into stories. Not only one can create the designs, one can also create the story line and character background for the doll.

Flash Dress Up Games: What Are They?

To date, two of the most known types of flash dress up games are Barbie games and Bratz games. The mechanics of such games are no different from the conventional doll games. You will have a chance to have a lovely doll base and you will have all the power to dress them up – the way you want it to be.

Barbie Cooking Games – Why to Play

Just like army, racing and shooting games, which are achieving popularity among boys day by day, the Barbie cooking games are also gaining familiarity among the girls. The reason behind this fact is that through these games, the girls are taught certain tips regarding cooking.

Starcraft 2 Tips and Strategy: Spreading Creep

Starcraft 2 may be one of the hottest games in the gaming industry today. Today, I am going to talk about one of the most basic thing that all Zerg players must know – Spreading creep. Although it may be an easy task players often neglect it. Below I will show you how creep brings advantages to your own units, how creep can be a pain for your opponent and how to spread creep quickly.

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