The World of Warcraft Guide for Easy Moneymaking Tips for Newbies

One thing people who never played World of Warcraft ask me always is how easy is it to earn money to buy stuff, so I decided to make a World of Warcraft guide to show how easy it is to make money for newbies. The wonderful thing about WoW is that there are so many ways to do so.

The World of Warcraft Guide to Cloth Farming

The item cloth is like gold in World of Warcraft. It sells pretty fast in the auction house as it is the main ingredient used for leveling one of the most useful profession in the game, First Aid. Cloth is made into bandages for healing.

How To Make Gold From the Auction House in The World of Warcraft

The economy of World of Warcraft revolves around the gold currency. Selling items to NPC’s or auctioning it off in the auction house gives you a tidy sum to buy better equipment for your toons. You need to know how to work the auction house in order to maximize your profits.

The World of Warcraft Guide to Wool Cloth Farming

  Reaching level 14 to 15 and dreading that you do not have enough gold to buy mounts when you reach level 20? If you had farmed linen cloth when you started out then level 14 up this World of Warcraft guides to wool cloth farming should even be profitable as mobs you start fighting with drops an even more valuable cloth, wool. Wool cloth is one of the fastest moving items in the auction house and sells top dollar for a low level item.

The World of Warcraft Guide to Silk Cloth Farming

If you enjoyed the World of Warcraft guides on cloth farming where profits from farming linen and wool cloth mobs was amazing then you should probably head to Desolace (level 25 up) next to level farm where the best drop rates of silk cloth can be found. When you get there farm Centaurs which have three major settlements in the area namely: Kolkar Village on the eastern side of Desolace, Magram Village in the southeastern area and Gelkis Village found in the east slightly south. Another pretty decent spot to farm silk cloth is in Arathi Highlands…

The World of Warcraft Guide to Saving Your Gold

  This World of Warcraft guides aims to teach newer players wise and practical gold saving measures that will help you in the long run. When you are leveling your character, you will come across numerous items that you can wear as equipment. Most of these items maybe useless to your current class but they certainly will be useful to other classes so you always have to remember the following things:   Do not wear the item if you do not intend to use it.

Quest Farming in the World of Warcraft Is Fun

This World of Warcraft guide on why quest farming is fun was made specifically because one of my friends who played less than a month quit because he got tired of farming all day long because he wanted to have the best equipment possible when he reached level 80. In reality quest farming is more fun as compared to farming a specific item all day long to sell to the auction house. What is quest farming?

The World of Warcraft Guide to Profitable Professions

In World of Warcraft, you can have only a maximum of two primary professions you can learn at any given time. Are professions worth it? Do you profit from it or its just throwing gold down the drain?

Cataclysm Upgrade Problems

The particular new world will not be set up until finally Cataclysm roll-outs on December the 7th. The majority of this new world is going to be a destroyed, ruined rendition of the existing earth.

A Shadow Priest’s Role In PvP

This guide is a general overview of what your role is as a shadow priest in arenas and other PvP scenarios. The exact role that you play can vary from comp to comp and also depends on if you are playing 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 however most of the principles below stay the same. I will be explaining what your general responsibilities are such as dispelling targets, helping team mates survive and taking advantage of opportunities for a kill as well as offering some insight of abilities that you can use in certain scenarios to help survivability or apply pressure to the opposing team.

Learn Playing Tennis Games Online

Playing online tennis games creates sensation throughout the nerves of players. They are most reliable source of online entertainment. Most hobbies seen among people for passing leisure time is playing tennis and badminton. But everybody is not a professional player.

Motocross Games: The Most Exciting Games on Internet

Online motocross games are the one of the most exciting video games. Now these games can be played on the internet at professional websites offering online games. Motor bikes are all terrain vehicles that can be operated on highways and rough tracks.

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