Best Professions For Gold Making As of WoW Patch 3.1

Gold making has always been one of the most appreciated and sought after tasks in World of Warcraft. Players strive day in and out to get as much gold in their accounts as possible to buy the things they need for raiding, building their profiles, creating new characters, and getting their professions capped out. The best way to make gold for many characters is to use their professions and that hasn’t changed in Wrath of the Lich King.

Top 4 WoW Guides

I know choosing among the World of Warcraft guides found on the internet can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Which ones are good, updated and worth the money? Which ones are pure scams, outdated or just a waste of time & money?

Character Balancing and the Current PvP Season in World of Warcraft

Whenever a new season starts in PvP, there is a question about the balance of the character classes in the arena and whether or not Blizzard needs to go in and nerf/buff a dozen different specs. This is even more pronounced when you get into the current PvP Season where thirty different character talent trees have just hit Level 80 and are trying to balance out against each other (with Blizzard’s help of course).

Destroying Competition in Season 5 PvP

Season 5 of the Arena has been dubbed all sorts of things already but more than anything else, it is an obvious testing ground for PvP situations that cannot be hashed out very well in testing by Blizzard. For this reason, there are a number of constant and steady changes that are going through the game to help balance out classes and set up a more steady and confined competition.

How Long Does it Take to Reach Level 80?

When Wrath of the Lich King first launched, a number of players were both in awe and concerned about the slew of players who were able to get through the initial content in less than a few days. There were players getting to Level 80 from Level 58 with a Death Knight in four or five days of real time. As it stands there are still plenty of players who have not reached Level 80 on their own and who are going to be spending a good chunk of time still grinding for weeks or months to come. So, what should a new player expect for play through times to Level 80?

Making Gold With Herbs in Northrend

Making gold in World of Warcraft has always been an incredibly popular means of enjoying the content while getting a whole slew of new items and possibilities through your grinding. Since the release Inscription in the 3.0 patch, the game’s newest and most popular gold making activity has been in gathering herbs which have increased and held steady in value since they started showing up in two different professions. With a dozen new herbs in Northend to choose from as well, you can expect that they will continue to be incredibly popular for gold making for months to come.

Making Gold With Ore in Northrend

Mining ore has always been a highly regarded and incredibly popular way to make gold for anyone that needs to make some money and doesn’t want to spend their days logged into the Auction House scanning for cheap deals. Ore in Northrend is no different and appears in every zone in decent abundance. There are three new ores in the game with Wrath of the Lich King content and as the game has settled in, the final values for all three have been set and have made it possible to maximize your income much more easily.

World of Warcraft Tricks of the Trade

For anyone who’s has been playing World of Warcraft, they must already know that sometimes, earning your much needed gold can be a struggle. While some aren’t exactly the best courses of action, there are many WoW gold tricks that a player can learn in order to level up his game.

WoW Gold Farming – Is it Necessary?

One of the most crucial and major parts World of Warcraft is acquiring gold – enough gold for your camp, that is. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest thing to do and most players are finding a hard time acquiring just enough gold to meet their needs. This has led to the discovery of WoW gold farming, where players perform a variety of things in order to gain that much needed gold, and in turn sell this gold to the needy players.

Getting by With World of Warcraft Guides

World of Warcraft is the Internet gaming phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Thousands of fans and players from all over the world log in and get into this game every single day. It is an exciting and challenging strategy game which forces the players to think and manage the different elements of the game. One of the most important elements is gaining gold, and unfortunately, it is not the easiest thing to do in the game. Most players find that this is where they find themselves struggling. Hence, this has led to the birth of the World of Warcraft gold quest guide – a resource that tired players can turn to when they’re falling just a bit short of the games’ gold requirements.

World of Warcraft – Should You Get a Gold Guide?

Ever since gaming enterprise Blizzard Entertainment released the first instalment of their Warcraft saga, gamers haven’t been able to get enough of it. Now on to its third release of the game, World of Warcraft has been nothing short of gaming bliss for the online multiplayer fan. Unfortunately, there has been one constant difficulty when it comes to playing World of Warcraft, and that is making gold. For most players, making gold is a struggle with some even having to buy gold from fellow players just so they can satisfy their needs. And a lot have been constantly on the prowl for the best World of Warcraft gold guide available out there.

Gold is the Name of the Game – Farming in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has to be, without a doubt, one of the most massive online multiplayer games to ever grace the gaming world. The game attracts thousands of players worldwide because it offers a multitude of challenges within the game. Aside from the pleasure of being able to wipe out mobs of monsters, players are also immersed into strategizing – finding the best tactics to defeat opponents, building your army, and, of course, managing resources. And among all the resources to be managed and gained in the game, gold is a definite challenge. This is why players who are having some difficulty acquiring the gold they need resort to what is called gold farming.

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