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WoW Mini Pets – Collecting WoW Mini Pets For Fun and Profit

First off let’s start by clearing up what a wow mini pet is. A mini pet is unlike a normal pet that a hunter might have as they are not made for combat. They also tend to be smaller as their name suggests and are also often quite rare. In fact, they pretty much serve hardly any purpose except for entertainment, but, it’s a game so that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Wow Gold Farming Spots

Are you looking for the best and most profitable Wow gold farming spots? Although there are many locations where you can farm World of Warcraft gold, there are some spots that are extremely profitable which every gold farmer should know about. These spots provide a lot of gold and the monsters there can usually be farmed in short periods of time. In this article, I will be listing some of the best Wow gold farming spots.

How to Increase Your World of Warcraft Leatherworking Level Fast!

Professions in World of Warcraft are either gathering or manufacturing professions. Leather working is the latter, in it you have to create items from the leather gained from skinning, meaning if you are taking leather working without skinning and want to level it fast then it is going to cost you a lot of gold as you will pretty much have to buy everything you need which can be pretty expensive.

Wow Gold Making Tips – The Ultimate Place to Farm WoW Gold

This article will reveal one of those Wow gold making tips that other gold farmers might not want me to reveal. All Wow players are on the lookout for productive places to farm gold. The great aspect of this location is that it is possible to make gold FAST!

World of Warcraft Pets – Don’t Summon Them Until You Read This First

The debate about how useful this is in battle continues back and forth, and it is basically a personal preference. Guardian pets get summoned for a purpose, and then it will either “die” or the spell to keep it with you will run out. Guardian pets are excellent when…

Safe Online Games For Kids

Online gaming for kids, and tweens have long been thought of as a “danger zone” with many loop holes and vulnerabilities where your child’s information could become fresh for the taking, but a lot has changed in the virtual world of kids games and it’s time you take notice to the great opportunities that exist online today. With the addition of the United States Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act “COPPA”, and the Privo Privacy Assurance Program, children’s online gaming has taken major leaps and bounds towards children safety online.

Bratz Games and Good Values

Do you have a pesky little cousin or little sibling– someone who will not let you out of her constant persuasive powers unless you give in to what she wants? You can relate to what I am saying right? I guess everyone has that. With billions of people in the world, I guess the probability of the existence of these pesky creatures (Ok. I probably am blowing things out of proportion by describing them as such.) are pretty high. I may not be exaggerating on this one when I say that I have the peskiest little sister in the whole world.

EVE Macros

An article about EVE macros. Usually EVE macros are not available for those using Linux. There’s a way around that which is discussed here.

LotRO Macros

Lord of the Rings Online is an MMORPG developed by Turbine, Inc. and based on the book by J.R. Tolkien which is also a well-known big screen movie. The online nature of the game enables players from afar to come together and share their experience in middle-earth. Most online gamers stay addicted to the popular online game given the storyline and epic Monster play. The developers themselves have shown dedication and continues to expand and enhance LotRO.

Left For Dead – Boomer Guide and Strategy

The Boomer is a fat, ugly, gurgling, disgusting beast that oozes with pus and is filled with infectious bile. The very sight of Survivors causes the Boomer to become sick (figuratively), and is then overcome with an incredible urge to vomit all over them. Strange, I know. This article outlines 7+ Boomer Facts, Tactics, and Strategies.

Make WoW Gold Fast

Are you looking for ways to make WoW gold fast? This is what I had to go through a few months ago too, desperately trying to look for the best ways to make more World of Warcraft. This was so that I could be able to afford all the items and skills that I wanted. I eventually managed to solve all these problems by following the strategies inside one of the best gold making guides that I downloaded from the internet…

Warhammer Online Guide – Warhammer Online Crafting Tips From The Goblin Guide

The Warhammer Online Crafting system is very unique as compared to other MMOs game. The Warhammer Crafting system requires plenty of guesswork and luck for the player, nevertheless in doing so, you have a chance to be rewarded with rare options and outcomes in the game. When you are crafting, you will be putting ingredients into a “pot” and then combine them in the hope to make a option that you can use in the game.

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