The Secrets of an Effective Shaman PvE Guide

Shamans, more than any other Hybrid class are one of the toughest classes to put your finger on and say “they do that”. At any given time, a Shaman might do just about anything in a raid, providing a wide array of different attacks against just about anyone that comes your way. To effectively play a Shaman though, you are going to need a Shaman PvE Guide that goes through the basics of the class, how the totems work, and which specs will be expected to do which things.

What to Expect From a Druid PvE Guide

Druids are quite the heavy weights when it comes to raiding. They can do just about anything and they are sometimes called on to do a little bit of everything. So, when it comes to finding a good Druid PvE Guide, your expectations should be high as to what you’ll get from that guide. After all, this is a class that can tank, DPS, and heal all with the same character and they can do it all while switching back and forth between forms, on the fly.

The Contents of a Good Death Knight PvE Guide

Since Wrath of the Lich King was launched in 2008 and the Death Knight first joined the pantheon of WoW classes, there has been a lot of talk about how this class performs in PvE. The constant buffing and nerfing of the class mechanics have made it hard for anyone to figure out exactly what spec, what role, and what actions are best for a good Death Knight. So, a good Death Knight PvE guide is decidedly useful in helping get through the content.

What Your Guild Might Ask of You in a Raid

When you start raiding for the first time, the biggest culture shock many players face is the fact that the character style they’re used to playing might not be good enough for the raid leader. There are players who, as Paladins, Druids, Warlocks, or Priests might be required to shift their talent specs, their style of play or their location in the raid according to who shows up on raid night and how many players are going into the raid. If you want to be drawn upon as much as possible and to prove that you are worth the efforts of your guild leaders, you need to be flexible and willing (plus able) to adapt quickly.

10 Man Or 25 Man – How Do You Choose?

Raiding is a rite of passage for any World of Warcraft player. It demonstrates that you are not only at the top of the leveling scheme – a full Level 80 – but it shows that you are well respected by your fellow players in a guild and that you are well equipped and effective enough in your role to go in and be responsible for a key role in the defeat of major bosses.

Dominate Mafia Wars Review – Become King of the Mafia Wars

If you have been trying to find a way that will help you jump ahead of the rest in Mafia Wars than you have come to the right place at the right time. The strategy guide Dominate Mafia Wars is going to show you the path to a winning game and a way to build your Mafia to a size that you never even thought was possible.

Ultimate WoW Gold Farming Tip – Gold Farming Guide the Easy Way

Tired of flying in circle for hours on end for small amounts of gold per hour. This article will show you how to stop the circle flying cycle and show you how to make real gold farming profits using the auction house. You will no longer spend your time farming nodes for hours on end to make your gold and you will never buy gold again.

Wotlk Gold Guide – 1,000g Per Hour

It’s crazy how easy this is, you could 1 hit these guys at level 40! And the amount of gold you make unreal. Who would have thought that you could make so much gold at such an easy place as…

Improve Your WoW Arena Experience Leveraging Arena Points Calculators

Everybody just loves playing World of Warcraft, and Arena gaming plays -no pun intended- an important role in the WoW world. What not everybody likes about it is the point calculation phase.

Top Tanks – Which World of Warcraft Class Takes the Prize?

If you’ve ever been to a raid, you know that tanking is at the upper tier. If you can effectively tank during a raid then you will without a doubt be the most watched player during the raid, probably the most popular in your guild, and definitely the most appreciated when your group finds success. But with the more recent changes to the tanking rules, along with a brand new class, the question remains – who can tank the best and when is the best time do do so? Is there really a “best tank” class?

WoW Assassination Rogue – 5 Hot Tips on Becoming Even Deadlier

These 5 brief tips focus on how to do as much damage as possible with your Assassination Rogue in World of Warcraft. If you really want to be the evil bugger who silently destroys others with massive critical strike damage and devastating poisons and bleeds, before disappearing again into the night, the Assassination Rogue is for you!

How to Level Fast in WoW – It is Just an Addon Away

How to level fast in WoW is probably the most common asked question for new and old players. New addon programs over the last year have made answering this question a no brainer.

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