Text Games: How to WIN at Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction takes stories to the next level, changing the reader from a passive audience to an active participant. Rather than just reading raptly as the story unfolds, the reader is given the opportunity to interact with it and watch as her choices affect the narrative. As ground-breaking as the concept once was, the internet has added a thrilling new dimension to this form of entertainment by way of the Multi-User-Dungeon. No more are we restricted to ‘playing’ interactive fiction against the author and his army of characters – now we can play against other players. And where two humans meet and take part in a task, only one can be victorious.

Text-Based MMOs: How To Retire A Character

Articles have been written on the important aspects of newbiehood, of the formative years of one’s character, and on how to establish your character in many different areas. However, one aspect of a character’s life seems almost untouched: the end.

Online Roleplaying Games: Aspiring Combatants – Dos and Don’ts of Beginners Combat

One of the biggest draws to any good MUD is the complex combat system. They can be detailed, complex and in-depth, allowing for a variety of styles and techniques. However, it is also very difficult to get started due to the sharp learning curve. By following some of these tips, hopefully you will be ready to start practicing and one day be able to hold your own!

Text-Based RPGs: RP Cliche Pitfalls And How To Overcome Them

Few things are more annoying to a roleplayer than a poorly-executed cliche. Those who roleplay a cliche character require attention, work, and still oftentimes do not become more bearable as time progresses. This is not to say that such cliches are an impossibility to play, simply that there are inherent difficulties in playing them that are often overlooked or ignored.

Text-Based Games: The Role-Playing Stereotypes

I found when I was much younger it was quite easy to get involved in games like Dungeons and Dragons where your character has a background that you create and they are as customisable as you want to make them. I also found it extremely easy to get into a roleplaying stereotype. One day I spent a lot of time going through people’s backgrounds and histories and found the most common ones to date. (Remember that not a lot of people stick to a roleplay they originally set for their character.)

Text-Based Roleplaying Games: Controlling the Rage

So you just died to something ridiculous, or maybe you are frustrated by the politics of your organizations, or maybe you just can’t stand the existence of a single person. Before you bust a blood vessel or break something or someone, calm down. You may not want to hear this, but a text game is still just a game. Here are a few tips to help keep the rage in check.

Online Make Up Games: Your Chance to Walk Into the Shoes of a Celebrity Make Up Artist

What are your red carpet fantasies? Do you fancy yourself flaunting the same diva-like, gorgeous make up look that Beyonce sported last time, on the red carpet, in front of the cameras? Are you a ravishing red carpet beauty queen, in all of your glam life related dreams, striking her poses under those blinding spotlights, dazzling everyone with her beauty?

Rift Leveling Guides

In Rift, there are a variety of strategies for the player to make their way through the game. The easiest and simplest way for a beginner to accomplish rift leveling is to level up their character by completing quests. To assure the player does not run out of quests, read more…

Best Gaming Computer: Schools of Thought

With the current advancement in the computer gaming industry, more and more people are contemplating on what are the best specifications to include in their gaming PC. After all, in a world were graphics and speed really matters, who wouldn’t want to own the best gaming PC there is.

The Most Wonderful Super Mario Games

In recent decades, there were many game systems that were created and put out for sale. One well-known system was made by Nintendo. It was named the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Even today, Super Mario games are still very widely known. They are the most popular-selling games in history. Many variations of these games have been created for different systems.

All New Mario Games Online for Gaming Enthusiasts

If you are a Mario fan, then you are going to have fun with these new Mario games online that are available over the net. They can be classified under different genres and will perfectly suit your action adventure needs.

Super Mario Games: The Adventure Everyone Will Enjoy

So you want to play with Super Mario? Just be sure to check out the free gaming portals that offer these games on the net. You are free to choose which one of them can give you the type of action you wish.

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