DON’T DO UNOWN RAIDS! Ultra Adventure Week Event Guide Pokémon GO

Poker Investing – The Keys to Your Success

The keys to determining your success in poker. If you’re truly looking for ways to become successful in poker you need to make sure that you follow these two steps: control your emotions and control your budget!

The 13 Phases of the Minecraft Infection

Through my career as a Minecraft player I have recognized several basic stages an average player goes through when “infected”. I have a feeling that you will recognize these stages. The Infection: Almost no one discovers minecraft on their own.

Beach Volleyball Is Increasing in Fame Around the World – Here Are Some Tips So You Can Join in!

Beach volleyball is a sport which is growing in popularity all over the world. Not only are people increasingly watching and following the sport, but more people are taking part and playing it.

A Career in Testing Video Games

Today’s discussion will cover the basic realities of getting a job as a game tester. Some important guidelines that you should keep in mind if you want to come out on top in this field are finally revealed today.

Top Schools for Video Game Programming and Development

Earning a degree in game programming and development should be considered by individuals who have a passion for gaming, and learning how games are created. Courses involved in these type of degrees usually include gameplay design, 3D graphics, stereoscopic computer graphics, contemporary video game platforms, multiplayer game design, game physics. Having a computer that can handle the necessary components involved in video game design and development would also be very helpful. The following list includes some of the top schools where students can earn this degree, and other related degrees to help them enter the video game creation field.

PlayStation 4 Launch – Gamers Look Forward To Great PS4 Deals

Avid gamers are looking forward to the Sony PlayStation 4 which is set to be launched in November 2013. While the company already has a huge number of pre-orders to deal with, people are still looking for attractive PS4 deals so that they can buy the much awaited console at the best possible price, considering that they might have to pay a premium when compared to pre-order prices. If you plan to buy the PS4 basic pack then you get the PlayStation 4 console, three cables (HDMI, USB charging and power), headset and the much in demand…

Majora’s Mask Remake For The Nintendo 3DS Highly Desired But Not Likely To Happen

As of this writing, there are only two classic NES titles that can be played on the Nintendo 3DS with the new 3D effects. Excitebite and Xevious are these titles and neither are very interesting to me in my personal opinion. The Wii Shop seemed to always be updated with something new to grab, but with the 3DS eShop, there is not much action going on there. One can only hope that these 5 titles make it into the Nintendo 3DS eShop redone with the special Nintendo 3DS 3D effects.

Benefits of Gaming – PC and Video Games

The general feeling is that video games do not provide any benefits to the player and especially so in the case of children. This article makes an attempt to list some of the benefits that gamers enjoy whether they are toddlers or grandparents.

Want To Be Finished Spending So Much On Video Games?

Video games are, without a doubt, one of the things that make life great! Don’t believe us? Have a look!

Do Lottery Systems Really Work?

Most people who play the lottery have no idea how to use a lottery system. Winners will tell you thst lottery systems do work because that’s how they play their numbers. There’s very little luck involved. It takes some skill to put one together. Anyone can do it, if they know how. Most lottery players pick random numbers making the odds high. If you were to win the lottery on random numbers, it would be luck, but it rarely happens. Winners handicap their numbers and they play at certain times on certain days

Why Video Games For Girls Are Becoming The Buzz Of The Town

Girls are becoming more interested in the gaming world. The increasing number of girls venturing into gaming in the recent few years is overpowering. This is because of the easy accessibility and availability of many entertaining video games for girls.

3 Easy Ways Of Leveling Up Fast In ESO

Unlike in other games where your level is determined by the number of skill increases that you have, your level in ESO is determined by the amount of experience that you gain. Although, gaining experience can be challenging, there are a number of ways in which you can go about it. Here are some of the ways:

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