Tetris Game And How To Play The Game

Tetris has invaded the world by storm as it has become very popular since its inception in 1984. In fact, this game is practically in every video game console and computer operating system.

The Ultimate WoW Guide And Its Other Benefits

A huge percentage of today’s global population is a fan of online games. Perhaps one of the most supported products of the gaming industry is the WoW game or better known as the World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment which is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. It is currently considered the world’s most-subscribed massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Online Casino Games – What Are They?

Online casino games have gained the same popularity as land based casino games. There are reasons for that as the former have got a lot of advantages.

StarCraft 2 Strategies for Experts – Become a Champion

Are you familiar with Macro and Micro operations in Starcraft 2? If not, you should probably know about it, this is the only reason that makes the difference between pro and normal players. Knowing which strategy to use in different situation is also very important, and this article will talk about this issue in detail.

Leveling 60-70 – Prepare Yourself for the Rigors of Outlands

Everybody wonders how these players are able to level from 1 to 80 below 8 days of played time. From here you’ll find out what it takes and how quickly it is to get through leveling 60-70. Although only a small part of a much larger guide, I do include many tips on how to get started as Outlands is pretty huge and since you have access to a flying mount don’t want to be flying straight into an area that you’re not prepared for.

Inscription 1-450 – Easy Guide to Being a Scribe

As with any guide explaining inscription 1-450, I would highly advise you to follow it up by picking up Herbalism as well as it will be your main resource to producing items and glyphs. Being a new Profession released with “The Burning Crusade”, there are less players who have the inscription profession as compared to other crafting professions. That doesn’t make it any less useful however, as there are many advantages to picking up Inscription.

Warlock Gear – Step by Step Rundown of What You Need for Which Role

Warlock as a class in World of Warcraft is primarily a caster which uses Mana to cast spells which in turn heals the caster for a certain amount of Health based on the damage dealt. Once you take into account that the Warlock can convert its Health into Mana, you’ll realize their options when it comes to equipping the best Warlock Gear available is very versatile. As a cloth user, you’ll only be able to equip cloth gear. If starting from very low levels, you’ll probably just try to equip gear with “Stamina” and “Intelligence”.

Leatherworking Leveling Guide – Easy and Simple Speed Leveling

As each character is allowed two primary professions in the World of Warcraft, Leatherworking is one of the options to choose from. Mainly combined with Skinning to create a variety of leather and chainmail armor suitable for the Druid, Hunter, Shaman and Rogue. At higher levels, there will be three specializations to choose from which are “Dragonscale Leatherworking”, “Elemental Leatherworking” and “Tribal Leatherworking” which grant several soulbound armor sets at level 70. However, from what I’ve read in another leatherworking guide there isn’t any different to which path taken at level 80.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

The long-awaited release of Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty in the summer of 2010 was met with mass enthusiasm from the gaming community, especially die-hard Starcraft fans. The campaign mode of Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty picks up the storyline where the last instalment, Starcraft Brood War, left off several years ago.

Rogue Skills – Tips to Being a Rogue and Beating One

So you’ve decided a Rogue shall be your main and you’re probably wondering what type of abilities a Rogue is mostly focused on when it comes to leveling or even PvP. When looking at Rogue skills the most important information you’ll want to take note of is the cooldown duration it takes as well as what are it’s latent abilities and how long they last for. One other piece of information you’ll need to know of is how much energy a skill costs.

Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide – Is It Worth the Money?

Many players question the reasons behind purchasing Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide as there’s quite a price tag on it even though there is a package to purchase both levels 1-70 and 70-80 at the same time. As the leveling field is pretty level there’s a lot of speculation on whether purchasing a guide to be able to play at optimum is really the right thing to do. Of course there are players who’ve out of experience or pure luck have stumbled upon a secret form of leveling but the chances of you finding and speaking to them about it or even if they intend to share it with you is fairly low.

Jewelcrafting Dailies – Quickest Ways To Attain JC Recipes

As you may know, jewelcrafting requires recipes which can be purchased from an NPC from Dalaran for a price. The NPC who gives out the dailies is named Timothy Jones and upon completion of a daily quest will give you a “Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token” which is then used to exchange for recipes of your choice. Each of these quests I’ll list below require killing a particular mob somewhere in Northrend as well as 2 different uncut gems. Before you can start these dailies you’ll need to complete a quest for him named “Finish the Shipment”.

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