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Scrabble Online

Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts an american architect. Initially called Lexico it wasn’t until the nameof the game was changed to scrabble that it became such a huge success. Playing scrabble online is very similar to the original board game.

World of Warcraft Races Overview and Review – Draenei

Overview and review of the Draenei race for World of Warcraft. The cool things about them, and why you might want to play one.

World of Warcraft Races Overview and Review – Orcs

An overview and review of the Orcs in World of Warcraft. What I like about them, and the things they are best at. One of my favorite aspects of playing the original Warcraft games was being able to play as either the good guys, or bad guys. Since the Orcs were the focal point of the games, I still like playing them. They are natural warriors, but can make for interesting rogues, shamans and hunters.

World of Warcraft Races Overview and Review – Gnomes

An overview and review of the Gnome race in World of Warcraft. What I like about them, and what they are good at. The gnomes have an interesting back story, and look. They make the best spell casters, but any of their classes can be fun to play. It is an amusing sight to see a gnome warrior in full gear, with a big axe or sword.

Achievements in the World of Warcraft

An Achievement is a recognition of an accomplishment without any actual reward. An example of an Achievement may be to fully explore an entire zone. Once you fully explore the zone to earn the Achievement for which you get, at the moment, nothing beyond bragging points. So what is the point?

World of Warcraft Races Overview and Review – Dwarves

An overview and review of the Dwarf race in World of Warcraft. What I like about them, the classes I think they work best for, and an overview of their traits.

Why You Need a Hammerfall Guide

The Hammerfall game is a role playing game that is hosted on the MySpace platform. That means that in order to play the game, you have to be a member of the social networking site – MySpace.

WoW Paladin Leveling Guide – Master the Power of Light

The paladin class received a lot of “buffing” as time went on, presently being considered one of the “divine” characters in World of Warcraft. No matter what spec would a player choose for their “protector of light”, the paladin is a hard nut to crack in any situation, PvE, battlegrounds or arena. However, regardless of your power, to reach the end game content there still is a multitude of levels to burn down, so the question is: how to get the maximum potential of the paladin to level the fastest possible?

WoW Mage Leveling Guide – How to Level Up With Magic Speed

Playing a mage in World of Warcraft anyone will discover new dimensions of fun. Literally burn the enemies or seeding cold deep into their hearts makes any player feel on top of the game. I’ve been around with my mage for a while and I know this class pretty well. They are very needed in raids or PvP premade groups as top heavy DPSers. With the power of the elements at their fingers, mages can inflict insane amounts of damage and sometimes they are the key class for winning a battle.

WoW Hunter Leveling Guide

What makes the gameplay of the hunter class so enjoyable is no wonder, the diversity added to this class by the multitude of pets it can tame and control. Having a hunter on your account is great, especially because they are the ultimate solo farming machines, excellent in raids and also in PvP.

World of Warcraft Races Overview and Review – Night Elves

An overview and review on the World of Warcraft race Night Elves. What I like about them, what they do best and a quick once over on their abilities.

World of Warcraft Races Overview and Review – Humans

An overview and Review of the Humans of Stormwind. What’s good about them, my opinion of them as a player race and other little nuggets.

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