How to Make Kinah Using Extraction Tools in Aion

Aion is a game with so many moving parts that sometimes it can seem impossible to narrow in on any one thing that works better than the rest, especially for something like Kinah making. But, there are some strategies that can help a character become that much better at what they are doing in many different ways.

5 Tips to Build Your Kinah Stash

Kinah is the lifeblood of Aion. As long as it continues to flow, you will never again need to worry about having enough options for leveling or being able to keep up with your fellow players in the Abyss. However, when you go broke, this game can get very hard very quickly. So, here are a few tips to help you master the art of making Kinah so that you never need to worry again about staying ahead of the curve.

Setting Up the Perfect Kinah Making Account

Making Kinah in Aion is going to be one of the primary activities you engage in when you log on each day to the game. There is a good reason for this. To start with, you need a lot of Kinah to do just about anything in this game. At Level 30 alone, you’ll need 1 million just to upgrade your wings. That number only continues to climb as you level up toward 50 and the number of things you need to buy is seemingly endless.

Three Ways to Make Kinah With Stones in Aion

There are a number of different kinds of stones in Aion – making up a vast network of buffs and boosts to character stats. As a result, these stones can be flipped for a substantial profit by anyone who knows how to get them and how to transfer them effectively. Here are three different types of stones in Aion and how best to make a profit on each of them.

Hunting Balaur in the Abyss to Make Kinah

One of the most popular and successful methods to make Kinah in Aion after you reach level 25 is to gear up and head to the Abyss where you can farm on Balaur mobs. These mobs have been made incredibly important by the powers that be at NCSoft due to their central role in end-game content. Players already need to farm on them to get Abyss points and to load up on Divine Power. So, it makes sense that to ensure players farm on them, they also drop quite a few good items to go with all that stuff.

Getting to the Root of the Kinah Guide Craze

There has been a lot of discussion in recent months about all the new Kinah guides being released for Aion, the newest MMO on the market. They have started appearing in droves and many players who are not yet past the early starting areas of the game are interested to know exactly why they might need a guide to help them make this in-game currency.

Is Aion Wealth a Hoax?

Every few months, a new guide hits the market claiming to be one of the biggest and best options to whatever problem you’re currently having in your favorite MMO. This month, the soup d’jour is Aion, for which everyone needs a Kinah guide to help them get all that cash that they cannot seem to find on their own.

Why I Choose the Kozen Guide For Leveling in Aion

In Aion, like many mmorpgs, there comes a point in the game where leveling slows down, when Aion seems more like a job than a game. I decided that the best course of action would be to invest in a guide.

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