The Categories of Free Online Games

There are a few categories of free online games. There are action-oriented games, action-adventure games, pure adventure games and simulations games to be played by anyone.

Ben 10 Alien Device Game – A Shockingly Good Flash Game You Don’t Dare Miss

The ben 10 alien device game is a great new ben 10 game. You have to guide Ben 10, grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen in this fantastic Ben 10 adventure. Use the mouse…

Hillary All Dressed Up

Presidential candidate of 2008, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, is no figure to mess with. This strong character was the first woman to be nominated in major presidential elections. It was a tight call between the current President Barack Obama during the final elections, making her the 67th United States Secretary of State under the Obama administrations at the age of 61.

What Are Tower Defense Games?

The strategy game of tower defense has been made popular by games like Final Fantasy, StarCraft and WarCraft. A game liked by both males and females for its simplicity yet mind-exercising, the game’s goal is to stop the enemies from crossing a designated map. In this game, players must strategically build towers of different abilities like weapons, artillery, and shock generators to defend the map, while upgrading them systematically to achieve each maximum potential.

What Is Beat the Cheese Game All About?

Beat the Cheese is a simple and easy game to play. One needs to successfully whack a mouse coming out from holes in the cheese with a ham. There is a need to avoid excessive time playing with it.

Death of a Dictator, Infiltrating the Fae, And the Madness of the Vampire Elder

Late last week, tragedy struck Hellifyno as Lord Executive Havoc was killed alongside his sister Harmony, in a violent and surreal Fae inspired episode. The loss of this charismatic leader comes at a dark time for the planet, leaving the populace bewildered, unsure, and in mourning.

The Top 6 Features of a Famine Runeword in Diablo II

Occasionally, while playing Diablo 2, especially in Hell Difficulty, you will come across monsters commonly referred as Physical Immunes, meaning they are immune to physical damage. Therefore, you must find other ways to deal damage, and magic and elemental damage are the two options.

Find Out How to Freeze an Enemy in Its Tracks With the Vampire Gaze Helmet in Diablo 2

Vampire Gaze is a unique exceptional grim helm, and considered a very useful helm by players due to its unique characteristics. Don’t worry, it won’t morph you into a vampire.

THe Eccentric Giant Skull That Blows All Demons Away With Its Features in Diablo 2

Giant Skulls is a unique helm. While it doesn’t have a lot of mods on it, the ones that it does have make this a nice helm to have for Amazons who make use of Bows and Crossbow Skills.

Find Out What Are the Best Boots in Diablo 2 for an Assassin

Shadow Dancer is a pair of unique myrmidon greaves, and aptly named due to the + 1-2 To Shadow Disciplines boost that it offers Assassins. They have a few nice mods, and provide high damage for Assassins who use kicks for their finishing moves. In fact, Shadow Dancer is the pair of unique boots that deals the highest damage for Assassin’s kicks.

Have Fun Playing Forklift Frenzy

So you can park your car perfectly but how good are you with a forklift truck? Find out by playing Forklift Frenzy, a challenging skills game from Mousebreaker! The game controls are natural: use the arrow keys for steering the forklift truck and use the space key to raise or lower the forks as needed.

The Difference Between Your Character’s Life and Death Lies in the Sanctuary Runeword in Diablo 2

Many players in Diablo 2 consider Shields a very useful equipment to have. When you wear a shield, you get a % to block all of an attack’s damage. Some builds may not require a shield, like Assassins who can wear two claw weapons but increase points in the Weapon Block Skill and still be able to block, or Barbarians who have high Defense due to their armor and Iron Skin skill and prefer to dish out the damage using two-handed weapons or a weapon in each hand. For most other builds however, a Shield is something that might be the different between life and death.

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